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The aquarium in the lobby of Berlin’s Radisson Blu hotel building exploded, forcing guests to evacuate.

german aquarium burst
A firefighter walks through the rubble in front of a hotel where a huge aquarium burst open on December 16, 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

Marcus Schreiber/AP

Berlin A gigantic saltwater aquarium ruptured without explanation on Friday morning, spilling some 265,000 gallons of water and 1,500 fish onto the floor of a business and leisure complex in a busy district of the German capital. . Police and fire officials said shards of glass injured him and two others, while the explosive force from the aquarium’s malfunction splattered part of the building’s façade onto the street outside.

Police said they were alerted to loud noises in Berlin’s Mitte district around 5:45 a.m. local time (11:45 p.m. Thursday). The fire department was simultaneously alerted by automatic alarms at his DomAquarée complex, which houses various businesses, including the Radisson Blu hotel.

Police said the enormous volume of water in the giant cylindrical tank “Aqua-Dom” just above the bar in the lobby gave enough force to cause the tank to “suddenly” scatter debris in all directions. rice field.

Berlin Aquadome Aquarium.jpg
The Aqua-Dom saltwater aquarium in the lobby of a business and leisure complex in Berlin, Germany, file image taken from a video shot in 2003.


“Water in the aquarium leaked almost completely, both inside the building and on the street,” they said, adding that there were no signs of sabotage or attacks on the aquarium and the cause of the failure remains unknown.

The fire department deployed about 100 personnel and an equal number of police officers to the scene and set up a cordon to keep people away as the water overwhelmed the area. However, much of the water quickly ran into the drain.

All guests of the Radission Blu hotel, located above the DomAquarée lobby, were eventually evacuated.

Authorities were assessing the stability and safety of the building, but the ground floor suffered significant damage.

The large aquarium has long been a tourist attraction in Berlin, advertised by the operator as “the world’s largest cylindrical free-standing aquarium”.

The tank itself was 52 feet tall, about 38 feet in diameter, and made of acrylic glass. Visitors were able to ride the elevator up to the middle of the aquarium.

Image taken from a video taken in 2003 shows people riding a two-story elevator through the middle of the Aqua-Dom aquarium in the lobby of the DomAquarée business and leisure complex in Berlin, Germany. is showing.


About 1,500 saltwater fish of more than 100 species lived in the aquarium. The aquarium reportedly underwent a major modernization in his summer of 2020.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/aquarium-berlin-hotel-radisson-blu-evacuation-germany/ The aquarium in the lobby of Berlin’s Radisson Blu hotel building exploded, forcing guests to evacuate.

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