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Texas summer heat is coming. Here’s how you can stay cool in Houston

As Texas braces for yet another scorching summer following last year’s record-breaking heat, officials in Harris County are urging residents to take proactive steps to safeguard themselves against the impending extreme weather conditions. With the sweltering heat, floods, hurricanes, and other hazards looming, being prepared and weather-aware is paramount to ensuring safety and well-being.

As highlighted on the county’s Ready Harris website, staying informed and prepared can make all the difference when facing inclement weather. For those venturing outdoors, whether for work commutes or leisure activities with friends, adhering to certain precautions can help mitigate the risks associated with extreme heat. These include:

  • Dressing appropriately in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing to facilitate ventilation and comfort.
  • Seeking refuge indoors equipped with air conditioning or fans to escape the oppressive heat.
  • Maintaining hydration by consuming ample fluids, particularly water, to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.
  • Applying sunscreen generously to shield the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Fortifying homes against heat infiltration by weather-stripping doors and windows and employing drapes or shades to block out direct sunlight.
  • Regularly checking on vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and neighbors, to ensure their well-being during heatwaves.

For those planning beach outings or water-related activities, acquainting oneself with safety protocols is crucial. Understanding the significance of warning flags and being vigilant about rip currents can prevent accidents and emergencies in aquatic environments.

By adhering to these guidelines and remaining vigilant, residents can navigate the challenges posed by the impending summer heatwaves with greater resilience and preparedness.

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