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Texas moves to consolidate border authorities

AUSTIN, Nexstar — The Texas Senate Border Protection Committee is set to consider a bill that creates a state crime of illegally crossing federal borders. This is the latest legislative effort to consolidate border enforcement powers at a time Texas officials accuse the Biden administration of ignoring its burden on border communities.

SB2424 Senator Brian Bardwell (R-Glanbury) imposes a class A misdemeanor against noncitizens attempting to cross the Texas-Mexico border illegally. Additional offenses will be prosecuted as felonies.

“As a result of the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws and secure our southern border, the state of Texas is committing time, resources, and strength to combat the unprecedented border crisis facing the state. has been,” writes an analysis of the bill’s authors. .

In a February interview, House Speaker Dade Phelan believes Congress “will have an opportunity to test these federal laws soon.” It was planned to set up a border guard in , and to carry out border security separately from the federal border guard.

If these bills become law, the federal government is expected to take swift legal action to assert jurisdiction over the border.

“I hope there is [legal challenges] I’m full of energy. I think it will happen soon,” said AJ Louderback, executive director of his alliance with the Texas Sheriff’s Regional Office. “The power is in the federal government, and the federal government will contest it.”

A former Border Patrol official said the Biden administration may be frustrated with these laws, but federal agents on the ground appreciate the efforts of the state of Texas.

“We always need more people, and what the state is doing right now to help with border security is tremendous,” said Terrell County Sheriff and former Border Patrol agent. said Thaddeus Cleveland. “There are not enough Border Patrol agents and many of them are on the lookout for aliens who have been detained and arrested. We need more help along the border and I stand by it.”

As of noon Thursday, the Senate Committee on Border Security postponed a Senate-wide meeting without hearing SB 2424. They will be reconvened this afternoon to consider the bill. This coverage is ongoing and will be updated throughout the day with the latest reports.

https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/texas-moves-to-consolidate-border-authority/ Texas moves to consolidate border authorities

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