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Tesla Continues Automotive Domination With Texas Gigafactory

Tesla has been, and is, completely dominating the electric car market in the United States. It’s also dominating in Europe as Elon Musk unveiled a new factory in Berlin, Germany in early 2022. This however does not change the fact that the American market is the one Musk most wants to keep control over. Tesla is therefore continuing to utilize Texas as its home base for many company operations. Now, the electric vehicle and clean energy company is opening a Gigafactory that Elon Musk hopes will cement their presence not just in the state, but in the whole of the US.

An Impressive Investment

In mid-2021 Elon Musk stated that he was going to invest over $10 billion into the creation of the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and has stated the factory will create over 20 000 jobs for the state. The factory opening is crucial to the expansion of Tesla, as the company has started to enter into foreign markets while enduring sustained growth in many European countries. All Tesla vehicles have up until this point been manufactured in the Fremont factory in California. This factory produces around 500 000 electric cars per year. Once the Austin Gigafactory is up and running, that number is predicted to more than triple over the coming years.

Tesla Remains A Top Choice

One of the factors that make Tesla so popular in the modern era is all of the qualities that exist within their vehicles. Many of the things that people consider when buying a car include the transmission, whether the car is electric, fuel-powered, or hybrid, as well as the technological innovations that make the car innovative. Tesla is pioneering the future of the automotive industry as the world is slowly transitioning into the electric era.

Making The Model Y

The factory is set to open in mid-April of 2022 and is expected to focus on the creation of the Model-Y for the rest of the year. The Model-Y is the company’s most popular vehicle and the plan behind allowing the Gigafactory to focus on its production is to make Tesla a household brand that is more accessible to the everyday American. Tesla’s, up until 2022, have been relatively inaccessible to the average person due to their high prices, high demand, and low production numbers. The Gigafactory looks set to change all of this as Tesla continues to show intent on becoming the leading automotive manufacturer in the world over the next decade.

An Opening Unlike Any Other

In typical Musk fashion, however, the grand opening of the factory is set to be a spectacle. The billionaire owner has invited over 15 000 people to the grand opening of the factory in April. Musk himself tweeted that the grand opening is going to be the biggest party on Earth.

Travis County Commissioners recently approved a permit that would allow for a gathering of 15 000 at the new factory in Austin as Tesla enters what many experts are predicting as a “new phase of growth.”

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