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Susan Lorintz, woman who shot dead neighbor Ajke Owens, used racist slurs, report reveals

A white Florida woman has been indicted for the shooting. kill a black neighbor According to an arrest report released Thursday, the woman told detectives she had been calling the victim’s children with racist slurs in the months leading up to the killing.

Susan Louise Lorintz, 58, admitted to detectives that she called her children “n-words.” According to the report, one child told police on the night of the shooting that Ms. Lorinz “came out of the house and gave the children the middle finger,” and also said, “Get out of my house, you black slave.” told to

His mother, Ajike “AJ” Owens, was shot dead in Florida.

Courtesy of Ben Crump

The report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was released just ahead of Ms. Lorinz’s first video court appearance on Thursday. Sheriff Billy Woods said in a statement that she was charged with two counts of negligence, assault and assault, as well as first-degree felony manslaughter with a firearm.

Ms. Lorinz appeared in court in a dark protective vest, answered the judge’s questions about her financial situation, and her lawyer, a judge-appointed assistant, prepared a written plea of ​​not guilty. Bond hearings are scheduled in the next few days.

Ajike OwensA 35-year-old black mother of four children was murdered this week in Ocala, about 133 miles north of Orlando. Owens’ mother, Pamela Diaz, said she plans to raise four young grandchildren.

Supporters of the Owens family gathered Thursday night for a vigil outside Ocala Church, where the funeral service for the woman murdered on Monday is scheduled.

In a statement to investigators after the shooting, Lorinz said that for two years he had been haunted by the lack of “respect” from his neighbors, including the victim’s children, ages 3 to 12. It is said that it was done.

“Ms Lorinz advised that (Ms Owens’) children had told her in the past that they would kill her,” the report said.

On the day of the shooting, Lorinz told investigators she had a headache and was on the grassy area separating the two four-story apartment buildings, including hers, where “neighbors were screaming outside and children were running around. ” he told investigators.

Several children were playing basketball that night, according to reports, when Lorinz went outside and threw roller skates at the children, hitting them in the legs. When Owens knocked on her door, Lorinz claimed that Owens threatened to kill her.

According to the sheriff’s timeline, Lorinz called the department at 8:54 p.m. the night of the shooting, claiming the children were threatening and trespassing. She had previously put up a “no trespassing” sign on the lawn area, even though it was a common area and not part of the rental property. Lorinz said in her court that she did not own the property.

Many details of the incident remain unknown, according to the report, including the owner of a red T-shirt that read “She means war” that was found at the scene.

While lawmakers were leaving, more calls were made to 911 after hearing gunshots in the same area. At 9:04 p.m., one of Owens’ children called 911 and said their mother had been shot, according to the timeline. Lorinz also called and said he had shot a woman through the front door. Officers arrived about three minutes later and found Owens lying on the ground. She was pronounced dead at the hospital 30 minutes later.

Ms. Lorintz claimed, “I thought Mr. Owens was banging on the door so hard that everything started to shake and the door was going to come off,” she panicked and said, “Oh my God, this time it’s really You’re going to kill me,” he said in his mind. 380 caliber pistol,” her report said, noting that Lorinz also had a second handgun in her home.

“After an argument with a victim, Mr. Lorinz advised him to buy a gun to protect himself,” it reads.

Police and Owens’ family confirmed that her 10-year-old son, who had been beaten on roller skates, was standing next to her at the time.

Owens’ mother, Pamela Diaz, told CBS Morning on Thursday that her grandson feels guilty that she couldn’t save her mother.

“His words were ‘Grandma, Grandma, I couldn’t save her,'” Diaz said at a recent press conference.

“I still can’t believe this happened,” Diaz added. “When do people get shot for knocking on doors?”

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the victim’s family, friends and community leaders joined civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who has become famous for representing Trayvon Martin’s family, to address the arrest and Ms Owens’ case. He thanked the sheriff for his plea for justice.

“This is not a difficult case,” Crump said. He called on state attorneys’ offices to “vigorously prosecute” the shooter.

Along with Owens’ mother and several neighbors, Crump pointed out at a press conference that the “feud” the sheriff described was between Lorinz and the neighborhood children. Neighbors said Lorinz often called her children obscene names when they played on the lawn outside her home.

Authorities had postponed her arrest for several days while investigating the possibility “Make your point” Claim. Detectives then said Rollinx’s actions were not justifiable under Florida law.

Sheriffs said they have responded to at least six complaints between Owens and Rollins in Ocala since January 2021.

Diaz told CBS Mornings that she is organizing an online fundraiser to help with her daughter’s funeral expenses and her four children. Diaz wrote in her fundraiser that Owens worked as a manager in the hospitality industry and was a “team mom” for her children’s football and cheerleading teams.

Diaz said she will be raising the Owens children.

“I have to be strong. I have no other choice but to raise these children,” she said. “To give them the future their mother would have wanted.”

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Susan Louise Rollintz was arrested on charges of manslaughter with a firearm, manslaughter with a firearm, assault, and two counts of assault in connection with the death of Ajke Owens.

Marion County Sheriff

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/susan-lorincz-shot-neighbor-ajike-owens-n-word-black-slave-arrest-report-shows/ Susan Lorintz, woman who shot dead neighbor Ajke Owens, used racist slurs, report reveals

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