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State Fair of Texas 2022: New Shirts Coming to Big Tex

The Beacon at the State Fair of Texas will have a wardrobe change in 2022.

Dallas — The State Fair of Texas Opening at the end of the month, fairground visitors will notice something different about this year’s 55-foot cowboy.

Fair Park’s Beacon will be wearing several new yarns this year and a brand new shirt that will be unveiled on Friday, September 16th. This shirt is designed by Big Tex and the state’s official outfitter, Dickies. Fair of Texas for the last 20 years.

State Fair officials say the Big Tex costume is made of materials that are durable and resistant to wind and fire, but the outdoor elements can be harsh, and they should change their costume at least every three years. is needed.

So we’ve been wanting to see Big Tex’s style for years now that his new shirt design is out. are shown below.

The latest fit has a red button down with some white and blue shoulder stripes and a blue and white handkerchief tied around the neck. In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he wore “Hello everyone!” mask too.

It may get better, it may get worse.

OK, talk to the elephant in this room. Let’s ignore the couple enjoying a delicious Fletcher’s Corny Dog and analyze Big His Tex’s fit in the background. The colors are a bit of a switch from the latest fit, but the navy blue that dominates the shirt is perfect for cowboys.

This time, the red shoulders are accented with a white star and a yellow handkerchief. Sharp and better than previous review. However, there are still some better fits.

I don’t know if it’s because this shirt looks like it’s going to be a denim button down and you can see the whole thing in the picture, tons Denim is my personal favorite. He dug into the double multicolored front pocket, which is again a little too navy for me, and you can at least see the blues difference between his jeans and shirt in the photo above.

I’m really digging a white shirt here. Double pockets…red, white and blue on the shoulders. Very patriotic and also Texan.

This is literally fire. (Too early?) Jokes aside, not the best of Big Tex in my opinion. I’m not too crazy about the chest shape or design, or the red star shoulder combo.

He looks like a parcel of mustard in a shop. That’s all there is to say.

Texas flag shirt?!?! Texas pride is real and this is the best ever.

The State Fair of Texas runs September 30th through October 23rd. For this year’s new event, click here.

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