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Southwest Airlines apologizes for cancellations, delays

Since Christmas Eve, Southwest has pointed to the winter storm that swept the US last week as the reason for the travel disruption.

Houston — Southwest Airlines After thousands of flights were canceled or delayed and thousands of people left over the Christmas holidays, and their bagstranded at airports across the United States

Around 3 p.m. Monday, the airline canceled more than 2,690 of all flights, or about 66%, according to the airline. flight awareThat’s a significant increase from Christmas Day, when FlightAware reported 1,635 Southwest flights were canceled, about 42%.

Since Christmas Eve, Southwest has pointed to the winter storm that swept the US last week as the reason for the travel disruption.

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On Monday, the airline issued a statement sending “sincere apologies” and said it was working to “make things right” for customers and their employees. Please read the full statement below.

“With extreme winter weather continuing across our network, the ongoing challenges are impacting our customers and employees in unacceptable and significant ways.

And sincere apologies for this are just the beginning.

We are on the front lines of safety, rebalancing our airlines and redeploying our crews and aircraft to address the massive disruptions urgently and will eventually travel with us. We are committed to providing the best possible service to all of our customers.

Southwest Airlines is the largest airline in 23 of the top 25 travel markets in the United States, and when severe weather hit the entire continent, we were fully staffed and ready for the looming holiday weekend. I prepared for We still have the tools our team uses to recover airlines operating at capacity.

This safety-first work is intentional, ongoing, and necessary to get back to normal reliability with minimal last-minute inconvenience. As the holiday season nears next year, further changes are expected at the level of already reduced flights. We are also working to reach out to customers whose travel plans change with certain information and available options.

The employees and crew who will be coming to work this holiday season are showing up in all manner of ways. We are grateful for that. Our common goal is to take care of all our guests with the hospitality and heart we are known for.

On the contrary, we strive to make things right for those we let down, including our employees.

With no more concerns than ultimate safety, the people of Southwest share the goal of taking care of all our guests. We are aware of the shortfall and sincerely apologize. ”

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