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Snorkeler ‘eaten alive by giant tiger shark’ off Hawaii leaves tragic final post while learning to surf

A woman who was snorkeling on vacation was eaten alive by a giant tiger shark, officials said.

Kristi Allen, 60, posted a photo of herself learning to surf just days before she died at sea. Hawaii.


Christy died while snorkeling with husband BlakeCredit: Facebook
Last Facebook post shows her learning to surf


Last Facebook post shows her learning to surfCredit: Facebook

She was on vacation with her husband, Blake.reported her missing at sea December 8th.

Along with other witnesses, he saw a large tiger shark Seen underwater, the creature was eating something in a pool of red water.

Christy was a massage therapist and life coach who lived with her husband in Bellingham, Washington.

In her heartbreaking final public Facebook post, she told her friends how much she was looking forward to the holidays.

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“Follow your dreams! I’ve wanted to learn to surf for years. I promise to create a life you love in ways big and small.”

A 40-hour air and sea search involving the U.S. Coast Guard, Maui Fire Department and Marine Rescue Service was called off on December 9.

Only part of the snorkel set and swimsuit was recovered, not the body.

Dan Dennison, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland and Natural Resources, explained what happened while the couple were snorkeling.

“He and his wife weren’t snorkeling next to each other and could only see her occasionally,” he said.

“While the shark kept circling him, he kept looking for his wife, sticking his head out of the water to scan the surface.”

Blake discovered that “there was something in the distance and then the shark came back and saw something red around the shark’s gills.”

“That’s when he said people on the beach started yelling at him to get out of the water because sharks were feeding in the area.”

A witness was about to warn the couple “when they saw a shark’s big mouth continuing to eat something in the middle of a red cloud in the water.”

“He kept yelling for the man to get out of the water, but he didn’t see the woman anymore.”

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An unnamed victim was said to have been bitten while visiting Maui while on vacation from California.

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She got into the water for an early morning dip. shark – Estimated about 13 feet – attack with waves.

Witnesses said the sea around Kimon had “turned red” and fellow swimmers screamed and fled the water.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20844770/snorkeler-eaten-alive-shark-hawaii/ Snorkeler ‘eaten alive by giant tiger shark’ off Hawaii leaves tragic final post while learning to surf

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