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Skydiving incident in Fentress, Texas. Died at age 31

Initial investigations indicated that the primary parachute malfunctioned and a backup parachute was implemented.

FENTRESS, Texas — A licensed skydiver died Friday while skydiving in Fentress, Texas.

On Friday, April 28, an experienced 31-year-old skydiver died while solo skydiving in Fentress, about 15 miles from San Marcos.according to Skydive Spaceland San Marcosthe skydiver has been licensed to skydive solo for the past four years and has completed multiple successful skydives at the same location in the past.

The skydiver, whose identity has not been released because he is in contact with his family, used his own parachute to perform a “self-managed skydiving”. , said it was in good condition and maintained according to the standards set by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

However, initial research indicated that the primary parachute malfunctioned, leading to the implementation of a backup parachute.

“The skydiver did not survive the landing despite immediate medical attention,” the company said. My heartfelt condolences to the family and the many friends who have shared the skies over the years.”

The FAA has released the following statement regarding the incident:

“The FAA is aware of a skydiving accident in Fentress, Texas on Friday, April 28 at approximately 1:00 pm local time. Local authorities will provide the names and medical conditions of those involved. packing A description of primary and secondary parachutes, and flight rules for pilots and aircraft. The FAA has not identified a cause. ”

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