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Signs That the CIA Has Established Surveillance of You

The government has its reasons to tighten surveillance on the citizens’ day by day. As the threat of cyberattacks on official entities is becoming graver by the day, being followed by the government is a concern that most internet users are facing.

If you haven’t done anything to get on the CIA’s radar, no one is likely to be listening in on your talks unless you’ve been specifically requested to. This does not, however, mean that your personal information isn’t being gathered and stored in huge databases.

Signs That the CIA Has Established Surveillance of You

Over 89% of internet users are being tracked on social media, according to the report Freedom on the Net. Most of their data is gathered and analyzed by computer algorithms and software programs.

So if you have doubts that maybe the government is watching me then here are some signs that you may be followed by the government:

1. Your Webcam is Turned On

Whether it’s the government or a cybercriminal, hacking your webcam is quite simple. The NSA’s GUMFISH tool can direct an infected computer to snap images and record talks using the camera.

In 2008, despite the fact that many Yahoo users were not government targets, the British spy agency GCHQ obtained photos from web chats with the assistance of the NSA. There were some that had graphic sexual content.

So if your webcam is behaving weirdly, it is a yes to is the CIA watching me.

2. You Have a Smart TV or another IoT Device

As recently as 2015, Samsung issued a warning to its consumers not to disclose personal or sensitive information while using its new Smart TVs. Third parties may have been able to listen in on discussions between users, according to the company’s claims.

The CIA conducted a Weeping Angel attack in 2017 to transform Samsung TVs into bugs, according to a WikiLeaks report. By making the user believe the TV is off, the attackers are able to collect crucial information about their target’s online activities and transfer it to the CIA.

So if you’re asking yourself: Is CIA watching me then you can look into the detailed analysis that VeePNhas done. It will help to determine whether all the signs of CIA watching you are present or not.

3. Your Computer Seems to be Hacked

Zero-day exploits and other bugs that can be used to transform your phone into an eavesdropping device are readily available to government authorities. The CIA has specialist divisions dedicated to finding out how to crack iOS, Android, Microsoft, and macOS. So if you’ve been seeing any suspicious activity on your machine, some files that weren’t there before, or some apps behaving weirdly, it is possible that you are being followed by the government.

Why Would the Government be Watching You?

You don’t have to be a government target to be subjected to widespread monitoring. However, NSA data obtained by Edward Snowden show that the government was secretly monitoring ordinary Americans without their consent in order to find and prevent terrorism. This data is beneficial for preventing crimes and terrorism, but detractors argue it is far more likely to be misused as an instrument of oppression than advocates claim.

How Can You Protect Yourself from the CIA Watching You?

So, what are your options for keeping the government from monitoring your every move? It isn’t much you can do if you find yourself on a government watchlist to keep you from being targeted and having your personal information collected. There are, however, ways to increase your privacy and protect yourself from mass surveillance, if you have a doubt that the CIA is watching you:

1.   Keep Your Device Updated

Bug fixes and significant vulnerability patches are included in the updates. Keeping your devices’ software up to date reduces their vulnerability to attack.

2.   Limit Online Sharing

As an alternative to completely deleting your social media accounts, limit the information you post about yourself. Vacation pictures, interests, and political opinions are all included here.

3.   Communication Encryption

It is possible to escape surveillance by using more privacy-focused messaging tools like Signal instead of Facebook Messenger. Despite the fact that apps like Messenger and WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption, they nevertheless collect user metadata.

4.   Engage a VPN

You should encrypt more than just your phone calls. A virtual private network encrypts your data transmission and changes your IP address, allowing you to surf the web anonymously. A VPN should protect you from the fear of being followed by the government.

5.   Avoid Using IoT Devices

Avoid purchasing a Smart TV since it can be used as a bug by government organizations. Be sure to disable voice-activated capabilities on your smart TV if you already have one. To be safe, unplug it when you’re done with it, too.

6.   Avoid Suspicious Emails

Malicious links in emails can mean one click and all your data is gone. CIA might be sending such emails over to you and if you do click on these links, they automatically get access to all the data on your system.

Here you go, here are some signs that can show you if you’re being followed by the government. This is also crucial information that will allow you to take the proper steps from stopping the CIA from infiltrating your systems. Even if the CIA isn’t after you and you aren’t suspicious of their surveillance, taking these steps will help you protect yourself from hackers and cyber attackers.

 Being cautious in general and making sure that you take measures like being careful with the data you access and the apps you use will save you in the long run. No matter what and where you are surfing the web or checking your email, you should always use a robust VPN service like VeePN to make sure you are always protected.

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