Should You Upgrade to iPhone 13 if You Have iPhone 12? 

On September 14, 2021, the newest iPhone 13 was officially launched. But, unfortunately, the new iteration of the most popular smartphone in the world didn’t impress users with bleeding-edge features. Therefore, a lot of iPhone 12 holders got puzzled. Since the features released by the company in the new smartphone don’t bring user experience to a new level, people don’t know if they need to trade their iPhones 12 for the latest models. So, let’s take a deep dive to discover a real need to opt for the iPhone 13 if you already own the previous model.

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12 – Similarities

The fans of smartphones from the Apple company noticed that the new model is almost similar to the previous one. It has the same size with sharp edges, so they are almost identical visually, especially if you use a case. There are only some minor changes that make these models distinctive. Both models have the same-size display covered by ceramic-shield, a new-generation screen glass that is quite durable. Cameras are almost the same. Both of the models shoot video in 4K HDR videos and have a 2x optical zoom.

Both smartphones are water-resistant and are compatible with Mag-Safe, a wireless charger. They have the same Face ID sensors and support iOS 15. Therefore, users of both models have a similar experience. For instance, in case you’re a student, you won’t notice any difference, using your smartphone to find an answer to the question, “Who can write an essay for me?” on the Internet. Both models work equally well.

Taking a deep dive into specs that the company doesn’t like to share on presentation, we won’t find any fascinating and distinctive features. However, both smartphones are powered by A-series six-core chips and have 4 GB of RAM. They also have the same lightning connector, so that you won’t need to purchase a new accessory, which is an advantage.

The front-facing cameras are also equal. The company didn’t upgrade all minor specs like accelerometers or barometers because they work just well. The company also didn’t bring innovations in cellular. Both models support 5G, the latest standard that foresees the opportunity to transfer gigabytes of data wirelessly in a few seconds.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – New Features

Nevertheless, the iPhone 13 is not a copy of the previous generation model. Some minor improvements may be a selling point for most users who decide to upgrade their Apple smartphones. The body of the new model has a lot of distinctive perks.

For starters, the position of the rear cameras is different. The iPhone 13 cameras are positioned diagonally. Also, a new color has arrived. Now, you can purchase an iPhone in pink. Worth noting, the shades of other colors are also different. For example, the Product (RED) iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 look entirely different even on the Apple website.

The brand-new device is slightly thicker and heavier, so you will need to opt for a new case. The notch with sensors has become narrower, which is the desired improvement. However, there are some drawbacks that the company didn’t notice in the presentation. Firstly, its height has increased. Secondly, the ability to display the battery charge in percentage didn’t arrive, despite a narrower notch. Therefore, there are no benefits.

The screen has become roughly 30% brighter compared to the previous model. It’s a great improvement that you will notice if you use your smartphone outside frequently. It will be easier to consume the content when the sun shines bright. The new model has become thicker and heavier because of the increased battery. It resulted in extra two hours of autonomous work, on average. Also, there is the brand-new A15 chip inside the iPhone 13. There is not much information about a new chip. However, according to rumors, it’s 10% more powerful than the previous iteration.

The cameras are also improved in the new model. The sensors have become bigger that results in better shorts when light conditions are poor. In addition, both cameras are equipped with sensor-shift stabilization that helps shoot smooth videos and photos. This type of stabilization is available in the iPhone 12 Pro model only.

Final Verdict

Worth noting, the basic iPhone 13 model has 128 GB of memory. The previous one has only 64 GB of memory. Therefore, the new model has a larger value. You will get more by paying less. It’s worth opting for a new Apple smartphone if you have an old-fashioned model. However, if you already have an iPhone 12, you won’t experience changes in your everyday usage after trading it for the new model. Both of them work just perfectly.



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