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3 Best Essay Writer Services Students Choose in the USA

With the rise in academic workload, dealing with the pandemic, and personal life, it gets pretty challenging to meet the pressing needs of being a student in the US. School is a necessity, but that does not mean it should cost you your mental health. And if you are a working student, you understand the challenges of meeting essay and assignment deadlines in school.

Fortunately, essay writers have been helping students out for a while now. Today, they are as essential as ever, helping students maintain a social and academic balance. But not all writing services are professional, academically qualified, legitimate, or meet deadlines. So to help you choose the best essay writing services in the US, this article has ranked the top three.

 HandMade Writing

HandMade Writing has been writing essays, term papers, course works, dissertations, theses, and research papers since 2014. Like the name implies, this service provides clients with unique papers written by real people. The company has undergraduates, graduates, and even Ph.D. holders writing professional papers, ensuring that only the best essay writer for students makes the cut. And the agency has a large team, so there will always be someone available to write brilliant plagiarism-free papers for you.

 Other perks that come with using HandMade Writing include:


The objective of this writing agency is to ensure that you get value for your money. Even though there are several essay writing services in the US, most students shy away from them because of their prices. Here is where affordability comes into the picture. The company’s writers are intelligent, attentive to details, and deliver quality content for a relatively low fee. With mouthwatering deals and the professional papers that the writing team provides, HandMade Writing clients get more than their money’s worth.

Attention to deadlines

Sometimes, you may have more than three essays to submit within a limited time. You may also be so engrossed with your personal affairs that meeting the deadline for those papers would be nigh impossible. An effective writing service like HandMade Writing can help make your life so much easier in those moments. Just delegate assignments to them and wait for them to deliver everything to you in record time. With many writers on the team, you will have multiple hands on deck to ensure you receive your paper as and when due.

Customer satisfaction

HandMade Writing doesn’t fixate on making profits from the sheer volume of essay requests it gets; it also focuses on the quality of papers. Customer satisfaction is a watchword for the company. So clients who patronize this service are sure of practical students help that will help them get good grades. With its professional editors and native English essay writers, HandMade Writing papers are always top-notch and formatted to the required reference styles.


WriteMyEssayToday has highly-educated and prestigious writers who boast various educational degree backgrounds and are knowledgeable. This writing service ensures that its customers get only the best services. Every writer on the team has an in-depth understanding of their various fields and delivers papers quickly without compromising quality.

 Some of WriteMyEssayToday’s unique selling points are:

Proficiency in any discipline

Essays in some disciplines like Anthropology and Religion are challenging to write; fortunately for students, WriteMyEssayToday handles such uncommon topics. Despite the delicate nature of these subjects, this agency’s essay writers always include ideas that can help readers find common ground. So you don’t need to worry if you have to write an essay on an obscure topic as long as you have the WriteMyEssayToday team on your side.

24-hour services

With round-the-clock services, WriteMyEssayToday has a 99% response rate. Whenever you send your essays to WriteMyEssayToday, you will get a reply within seconds. It is almost like having a personal butler willing to take your order at any time. What’s more? For some essay writing online services, delivery of papers to clients means the end of contracts. But WriteMyEssayToday will wait and ensure that you approve the paper and make corrections before closing the engagement.


This writing service has been in existence for several years, keeping to deadlines, offering quality papers, and ensuring that its customers get only the best. Being one of the top essay writing services in the USA, EssayUSA deserves a pat on the back as it serves as a reference point for other up-and-coming essay writing services. And if you need more reasons to believe in EssayUSA’s value, here are a few:

 Custom-made papers

With custom-made papers that meet their customer’s expectations, EssayUSA can fix your documents within three hours. If you need anything on the article to be changed, the essay writing services offer free instant revision. Even if you want the writers to write a new paper based on quality issues, they oblige. They put their backs into every paper and it is evident in the company’s longevity.

Relatable writing

Whether you are a part-time student or a housewife with limited time for plenty of things, EssayUSA has something for you. The essay writing service understands that for many Americans, studying and building a career hand in hand. So the writers take special care when writing your essay.

 They are empathetic to the stress of being a student in the US today, and it shows in the quality of essays they deliver. These writers craft essays to appeal to logic and reasoning without seeming emotionless. Because of their unique and relatable writing, teachers will be more impressed with their essays than those many other writing services submit.


Professional essay writers have helped and will continue to help students in the US survive the stress of schooling and writing essays. The order process is usually straightforward for reliable essay writer services — you only need to order an assignment, and the agency will assign a writer to take over from there. So by using the essay writing services mentioned above, you can finally rest from academic stress while still submitting flawless papers and getting excellent grades.

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