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Senate to vote on equal rights amendment this week, Schumer says – One America News Network

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OAN Brooke Mallory
Updated 6:32 PM – Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In an announcement Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is set to be voted on in the Senate this week.

“At this ominous time in American history, the Equal Rights Amendment has never been as necessary and urgent as it is today,” said Schumer (DY). statement.

Schumer argued for a new vote on ERA, citing a Supreme Court decision that overturned last year’s Roe v. Wade ruling and an ongoing legal dispute over the popular abortion drug mifepristone.

“With recent events such as the Supreme Court’s terrifying Dobbs ruling, uncertainty over life-saving drugs like mifepristone, and numerous proposed state actions, women in this country face an uncertain future. increase.

In 1972, the ERA, a constitutional amendment that guaranteed all people, regardless of sexual orientation, to have the same legal rights, was approved by both houses of Congress and sent to the states for ratification. The amendment had to be ratified by the required 38 states, or three-quarters, by 1979, according to a timetable set by Congress. Although he agreed to extend the deadline until 1982, the amendment was eventually adopted by 35 states.

Virginia turns 38 in 2020th After Nevada and Illinois ratified the ERA in 2017 and 2018, each state will ratify the ERA.

The ERA would no longer have to be ratified by its original deadline under a bill to be debated in the Senate this week and would be recognized as “part of the Constitution and valid for all intents and purposes.”

“We are here to unite and, one step at a time, to restore, fight and expand women’s rights, so that today’s women and tomorrow’s generations will see a future less accessible than their mothers. No,” Schumer said.

“Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment finally provides a constitutional remedy against sex discrimination and brings our nation one step closer to finally achieving equal justice under the law.”

The bill was introduced by Senators Lisa Markowski (R-Alaska), Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland), and gained the support of 52 senators. I’m here.

Ignoring the voting process in Congress, there are other obstacles to including the ERA in the Constitution, including whether Congress has the power to extend the initial ratification deadline and whether states can withdraw their ratifications. Includes specific legal concerns.

Five states, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, and South Dakota, have elected to withdraw their ratifications of the ERA.

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