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Rep. Ralph Norman Tells Newsmax: ‘Insight McCarthy Is ‘Going Too Far”

Rep. Ralph Norman (RS.C.), a member of both the House Rules and Budget Committees, said: news max On Wednesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (RS.C.) said he “conceded too much” to President Joe Biden’s demands to negotiate the debt ceiling.

Appearing inamerican agendaMr. Norman explained that Mr. McCarthy “conceded too much,” saying that “some of the best deals are backing out.”

“I think the president thought that the debt ceiling was about to expire and that we were under a severe time bomb,” he said. “but [U.S. Secretary of the Treasury] Janet Yellen did not answer any questions about why the dates were set. Two more weeks of negotiations would have been beneficial.

“It was when they gave this administration that I decided to oppose this bill. [an] unlimited trillions [Biden] That number could increase until 2025,” Norman added.

“We added $1.5 trillion and it ended in March of next year…there are some good things here, but when we get a president who will pay for college for everyone in this country, And when you have a president, don’t compromise: the government pays $80 billion to hire 87,000 IRS workers, but the speaker conceded them.

“I’m tired of politicians who campaign by claiming to be conservative,” said Norman. “I’ve heard it all my life. ‘Let’s do it tomorrow’ or ‘The Senate won’t pass’.”

Parliament is due to vote on the 2023 Fiscal Responsibility Act on Wednesday night. Earlier, Norman said he expected the bill to pass.


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