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Ramaswamy: ‘Another Disastrous Trump Indictment’

Multimillionaire entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who has said he would pardon Donald Trump should he win the 2024 presidential election, criticized the latest indictment issued against the former president Monday night.

Trump is believed to be part of a reported 10 indictments returned Monday night by a Fulton County grand jury in Georgia impaneled by Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis. It is the fourth criminal indictment issued against Trump this year.

“Here we go again: another disastrous Trump indictment,” Ramaswamy, challenging Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, tweeted. “It’s downright pathetic that Fulton County publicly posted the indictment on its website even before the grand jury had finished convening.”

Ramaswamy was referring to a docket that appeared on the website of the Fulton County court in Georgia shortly after noon, indicating that Trump had been charged. The document was quickly removed from the site. The clerk’s office reportedly called it a “fictitious document that has been circulated online.”

“Since the four prosecutions against Trump are using novel & untested legal theories, it’s fair game for him to do the same in defense: immediately file a motion to dismiss for a constitutional due process violation for publicly issuing an indictment before the grand jury had actually signed one,” Ramaswamy continued. “He should make a strong argument on these grounds & it would send a powerful message to the ever-expansive prosecutorial police state. As someone who’s running for President against Trump, I’d volunteer to write the amicus brief to the court myself: prosecutors should not be deciding U.S. presidential elections, and if they’re so overzealous that they commit constitutional violations, then the cases should be thrown out & they should be held accountable.”

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