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Prince Philip considered consulting a lawyer about his portrayal of the crown

Prince Philip was ‘horribly hurt and upset’ by the fictional scene in ‘The Crown’ where he was accused of his sister’s death and considered suing Netflix.”

  • The late Duke of Edinburgh consulted a lawyer about his false portrayal
  • He was hurt by a plot that seemed to blame him for his sister’s death
  • Duke of Edinburgh deeply ‘hurt and upset’ by depiction of crown

Late Duke of Edinburgh consulted a lawyer about the lawsuit netflix About his false portrayal of the crown, according to royal experts.

Prince Philip, who died last year, reportedly spoke with attorneys at Farrer & Co about his characterization after a plotline in a popular Netflix series blamed him for the death of his sister, Princess Cecily.

the duke of Edinburgh Left deeply “hurt and upset” by the portrayal, he spoke with his attorney to see what could be done about his erroneous portrayal of The Crown.

According to reports, the Duke of Edinburgh was deeply “hurt and upset” by his portrayal of the crown.

Finn Elliott as Prince Philip in 'The Crown' Season 2

Finn Elliott as Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’ Season 2

Royal historian Hugo Vickers said: Sunday Times: “I know Prince Philip consulted his lawyer and asked, ‘What should I do?

“He was very upset with the way he was portrayed. He was human. He could get hurt just like anyone else.”

The penultimate episode of the hit show’s second series, which aired in 2017, depicts a young Phillip at the Scottish boarding school Gordonstone.

Sixteen-year-old Philippe got into trouble at school and was later told he was not allowed to return to Germany for his half-term vacation.

Cecily, who was pregnant with her fourth child at the time, tells Philip that she was forced to fly to London as a result of the trouble Philip caused at school.

Cecil, 26, died in a plane crash in 1937, along with her husband and two children.

She went into labor mid-flight just before the plane crashed into the chimney of a factory in Ostend, Belgium, trying to land in heavy fog.

The bodies of Cecily and the baby were found alongside her husband and two young sons in the wreckage of the crash.

Matt Smith played Prince Philip in the first and second series of Netflix's The Crown.

Matt Smith played Prince Philip in the first and second series of Netflix’s The Crown.

In The Crown’s depiction of Cecily’s funeral, Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, said: If it wasn’t for Philip and his disorder, she wouldn’t have gotten on that plane. That’s right, it’s a boy, right? Because of you we are all burying my favorite child. get him out of here

Despite the show’s fictional portrayal, Cecily’s reason for traveling to London had nothing to do with Philip.

Philip and Cecily were incredibly close before they died.

Netflix’s The Crown has been heavily criticized for seemingly blurring the lines between history and fiction.

The dramatic use of license to convey historical accounts that weren’t entirely accurate is said to have hurt multiple members of the royal family.


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