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Police ‘reserve’ Texas woman accused of photographing nude in library

McAllen, Texas (ValleyCentral) — McAllen police arrested a woman after she accused library patrons and employees of taking nude pictures of herself in the restrooms of the McAllen Library.

According to Hidalgo County records, Alyssa Escamilla was arrested on charges of indecent exposure, assault causing personal injury, and possession of dangerous drugs.

A crime report obtained by ValleyCentral revealed that officers responded to the McAllen Library on Sunday by mentioning a woman who was screaming and slamming the door.

Officers spoke with an employee who said a library visitor told her that Escamilla was naked in the bathroom while she was talking on the phone.

The employee then went to the restroom and saw Escamilla “baring her breasts and buttocks,” the crime report said.

An employee said Escamilla was talking on the phone and taking pictures of herself when she was wearing nothing but a thong.

The employee said this was the second time he had caught Escamilla naked in the restroom, according to the violation report. She said after her first outbreak she was asked to leave and she complied without issue.

However, the employee claims Escamilla began to raise her voice and reduce the distance between them, feeling that things were going to get physical.

Police documents show that Escamilla was found and arrested. She was transferred to McAllen Police Department detention, where she was found in possession of 27 white tablets of quetiapine fumarate 260, a drug used to treat mental disorders, police documents said. I’m here.

McAllen police were later notified that Escamilla was wanted by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of assault, according to the crime report.

Escamilla was booked for Monday with a $4,000 security deposit.

https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/police-in-texas-book-woman-accused-of-taking-nudes-at-library/ Police ‘reserve’ Texas woman accused of photographing nude in library

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