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Philippe Shangti, the artist who breaks the codes

Shangti is a photographer born in Toulouse, France, in 1986 and currently lives and works in Saint Tropez. He fashion, decoration, and of course photography. Contemporary artist Philippe Shangti takes on everything with disconcerting ease. His passion for the art of photography is sparked at the young age of 14, and he soon finds himself involved in photo shoots for modeling agencies that lead him straight onto the path of fashion.

The critical and eccentric art of Philippe Shangti

Philippe Shangti moves to Saint Tropez in 2004. There he will take charge of the Quai, a place where he will put all his energies at the service of the famous nights of the most important tourist city on the French Riviera. Shangti wins the favor and recognition of contemporary art collectors and celebrities who are seduced by his photos, made and printed in limited and large series.

Philippe Shangti’s work is divided into different series. His work appears crazy and chaotic at first, but then we understand that everything is under strict control. All the decoration and staging are perfectly studied to convey the message that the artist wants. His photographs lack photoshop (except as a tool to clean the image and as a filter) and special effects.

The message that Shangti sends us in his series is undoubtedly provocative and fun at the same time. Women, drugs, alcohol… are topics treated with frenzy and also with a certain mockery. Not exempt from beauty towards the morbid and the forbidden, Philippe Shangti’s images are cheeky, imaginative and carefree, and, in this case that concerns us, as the last post of the year, very appropriate to say goodbye like this, with cheek, imagination, beauty and carefree.

This genius, messenger of modern times, finds all his inspiration within this new environment that he meets. The artist’s works, from his provocative and glamorous universe allow him to express all his imagination and actively disturb the spirit. Therefore, through his series of photographic illustrations such as ‘Art VS Drugs’, ‘No prostitution here’ or ‘No pollution here’ in 2017, Philippe manages to denounce with the direction of serious causes while sublimating a message deep.

Each new series is such a delicate challenge to deal with that it exposes the immoral by embellishing it and thus affects a wide audience. To effectively record her struggles in people’s minds, she goes soft with images that are more beautiful than violent. It denounces the vices of this world with enthusiasm and aesthetics, and thus marks the spirits with softness and depth.

The atypical artist and who is not cold in the eyes, Philippe does not hesitate to denounce the denial, sometimes quite spicy and rubbish. Philippe’s works are distinguished, by the very striking colors that he uses, by his fully compensated stages, but also by the signature of his works that he places directly with his hand on the body of his models. Concerned about the smallest detail, the artist attaches great importance to the symmetry, perspectives and balance of the different elements in his works.

Philippe Shangti is a complete artist who has an extraordinary talent for transcribing his works of art through stage performances totally imagined by him. This is how he carries out all the artistic conception creating a universe in its own right and worthy of his talent. We also find among his works of art many Tags works including the famous “Enjoy Your Fucking Dinner”.

Therefore, his art is available in paintings, concept art but also sculptures in limited editions. It is exhibited in many countries in renowned art galleries, particularly in Europe, the United States and Asia.

New challenges and projects

Constantly looking for new challenges, the artist has met the dare of making special works with people from the world of sports, collectors and their families. In addition, he collaborates with many luxury brands in the development of a range of products in the effigy of his art and his universe.

The artist creates images that are more beautiful than violent in order to convey his messages to as many people as possible. After representing the natural beauty of women and denouncing the conformities that today’s society imposes on them through his 2020 ‘Beauté Sauvage’ collection, the artist Philippe Shangti takes up this theme as a central pillar for his new 2022 collection called ‘Sensual Fight’ .

Soon, the work Delirious Super Bowl will be physically presented in early April at the Art Angels gallery on Beverly Hills Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Super Bowl, one of the most anticipated sporting events, is also a strong symbol of virility. An international scenario where overtrained men, muscular and armed with helmets and armor like gladiators, clash violently to achieve a final goal.

The artist Philippe Shangti makes here a satirical photographic artwork of this event, staging the women who can refer to the artists and performers of the famous ‘half-time show’, showing that they can also participate in this gladiatorial combat. Decked out in their most beautiful accessories, nothing stops them in their eagerness to take power and make fun of the male gender, which is usually virilized by this event.

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