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Parkland school murderer officially sentenced to life in prison

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Parkland School Shooter Nicholas Cruz He formally received a life sentence without parole on Wednesday after his family 17 victims Spent two days denouncing him as evil, a coward, a monster, and subhuman.

Cruz, shackled and wearing a red prison jumpsuit, watched over Judge Elizabeth Scherrer, but showed no emotion when she sentenced him to 17 consecutive life sentences. February 14, 2018 massacre Seventeen more terms for the attempted murder of those he injured at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in suburban Fort Lauderdale.

Scherer had no other choice.Jury in Cruz’s three-month prison trial Vote 9 to 3 on October 13 He could not be sentenced to death, but Florida law requires a unanimous vote to pass that sentence.

During the judge’s questioning before sentencing, Cruz admitted that he was on medication but could understand what was going on.

The sentence was passed over two days after the parents, wives, brothers and others of the murdered victims, as well as some of the surviving wounded, walked to the podium 20 feet away and addressed him face to face. It was done.

The judge praised the families and injured who testified, calling them strong, gracious and patient.

“You have each other, so I think you’ll be fine,” Scherrer said.

The judge’s voice broke when she read the first sentence of her 34 life sentence, but her voice grew stronger and moved down the list. Cried.

For two days, family members and wounded verbally beat Cruz, wishing him a painful death in prison and lamenting that he could not be sentenced to death.

“Every family here is given a bullet and your AR-15, we get to pick straws, each of us shoots you one at a time, and you can feel it all.” If you do, real justice will be done, and your fears continued to grow until you had the privilege of confirming that the last family member who pulled the last straw had killed you.

Beigel Schulman was somewhat relieved to learn that Cruise was heading to a high-security prison.

Beigel Schulman told Cruz, “From what I’ve heard, anyone who kills children is loathed and hated in prison.” Welcome the day you were told you were taken out for a heinous murder.

Alyssa Alhadev’s uncle, David Alhadev, told Cruz via Zoom from a classroom in Maryland that he deserved an “opportunity to rot.”

“Once you leave this court, you deserve a chance to absorb the face of terror,” Al-Hadeh said. Day. “


Associated Press writers Freida Frisaro and David Fischer of Miami contributed to this report.

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https://www.ksat.com/news/national/2022/11/02/parkland-killer-to-get-life-but-families-getting-their-say/ Parkland school murderer officially sentenced to life in prison

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