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Over 100 animals seized from Burkburnett pet store

Bourkebarnett (KFDX/KJTL) — A longtime owner of a local pet store in Bourkebarnett is facing criminal charges after more than 400 animals were seized from the store due to multiple reports of the condition of the store, including the animals in the store. facing accusations.

Sheryl Heineken, executive director of the Wichita County Humane Society, said she was asked to help the Burk-Burnett Animal Control Service, but had to call in reinforcements when she asked how many animals they were taking in. .

Guinea pigs, snakes, birds, rats and rats are just a few of the species seized from small creature pet stores that have been in business for decades after reports of poor and dangerous conditions inside.

“We agreed to help Burke Burnett in this situation because we were asked to help because we are building extra in a humane society,” Heineken said.

With more than 100 animals needing to be evacuated, Heineken enlisted the assistance of air support or animal research and response teams.

“They had a bigger trailer and they brought in 12 people. Of course Burk-Burnett Animal Control had three police officers and they were all on standby at the Humane Society and we I’ve brought in a few employees,” Heineken said.

Animals are transferred to animal welfare organizations for evaluation. Heineken said they could use any help they could get.

“There are so many animals to feed and keep. You need bird seed, you need bird food, you need guinea pig shavings, etc. “Because I’m not used to having animals. Some rabbits need help,” said Heineken.

The community has already started helping, as have cages for dozens of birds.

“I read a story that they brought all these hoarding animals. I did,” said Tonia Machado.

And when it comes to raising these animals, Heineken said it will need help with it, but asks the public to be patient for the time being.

More than ever, humanitarian societies have been able to use monetary donations, all the volunteers they can get, and even food for many of these animals.

As of 6pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, Heineken said it had seized 367 animals in the final county, but was not yet done.

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https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/more-than-400-animals-seized-from-texas-pet-store/ Over 100 animals seized from Burkburnett pet store

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