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Only 37 showers in 2022 and no smell

In 2022, I’ll only take 37 showers and I won’t mind the smell.

  • Aela, 27, from Idaho, claims she doesn’t smell because of her “microbiome” balance.
  • She also added that she doesn’t use a body moisturizer because she lives in a humid area.
  • Twitter was divided with those who claimed she would be ‘nose-blind’ to her smell
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sex workers and top earners Only Fun claimed twitter In the entirety of 2022, she showered only 37 times.

from Aela Idahotook to Twitter to reflect on the past 12 months, and the information that stuck out to people was how often she didn’t wash.

Responding to a commenter who questioned her hygiene habits, Aela tries to “not disturb my natural skin microbiome too much.”

The 27-year-old claims she doesn’t “smell” because of the balance in her “microbiome,” the collection of bacteria and fungi that live in her body.

Aela (pictured), from Idaho, USA, took to social media to reflect on the past 12 months, and what caught people’s attention was that she washed less often.

In a Twitter thread, she wrote: But if you are persistent and careful, your body will adapt.

“But this isn’t perfect, everyone has a different body type, different activities, and different amounts of sweat. I still do maintenance to take care of the smell between showers!

I am careful not to use soap on my armpits. I usually give it a hard rub with a wet washcloth and then apply deodorant. This is very effective. I also use a bidet and wash my genitals well.”

She added that since she lives in a humid area, she doesn’t use a body moisturizer to help keep her skin fresh.

A 27-year-old woman (pictured) claims she doesn't

The 27-year-old claims she doesn’t “smell” because of the balance in her “microbiome,” the collection of bacteria and fungi that live in her body.

Twitter users were divided on Aella’s post, with some agreeing and others worried.

One person said:

“Our nervous system has evolved to become progressively less sensitive to stimuli the longer they last. You smell, girl. You can’t smell yourself.”

One user agreed with what Aella said. Plus, since I started washing my hair less often, the texture and volume of my hair has improved significantly.

Another said, “I took about 10 showers in 2022 and it didn’t smell bad. is not necessary at all and makes the smell worse.

“Ignore those who don’t like this. Notice they’re all ‘smell’ focused.” So even if you smell. Nothing bad will happen. As long as you keep your hands and assholes clean.

Some scientists say that daily showering is not essential, although it may be acceptable for social reasons.

Consultant Derrick Phillips told HealthLine:

“Skin is self-cleaning and exfoliates naturally,” he says. “Scrubbing can help remove dirt from the body and promote cleanliness, but is not required.”

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