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‘Olivia’ author Ian Falconer dies at 63

Falconer’s Olivia book featured a clever piglet with a brilliant imagination named Olivia, a character he developed for his young niece in 1996.

NORWALK, Connecticut — Author and illustrator Ian Woodward Falconer. “Olivia” series I died for my children.

Falconer’s attorney and agent, Conrad M. Lippy, said Falconer died of natural causes Tuesday in Norwalk, Connecticut, along with his family.

Falconer’s Olivia book featured Olivia, a clever little pig with a wonderful imagination, a character he developed for his little niece in 1996.

He turned down publishers who wanted the texts to be written by outside authors. ” he said.

The first book in the series called “Olivia” was published in 2000. It remained on the New York Times bestseller list for over a year, won a Caldecott Award, and sold over 10 million copies.

He has written and illustrated seven sequels, the last of which was 2017’s Olivia the Spy.

In 2022, he will publish a new children’s book called ‘Two Dogs’.he told national public radio Last year, a pair of dachshund characters named Perry and Augie were inspired by his nephew.

Falconer has also been a set and costume designer for ballet and opera companies around the world, including numerous productions by the New York City Ballet. He also created the covers of his 30 magazines for The New Yorker.

Born August 25, 1969 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Falconer studied art history for two years at New York University before attending Parsons School of Design as an artist. He transferred to the Otis Art His Institute in Los Angeles, where artist David He began working with Hockney, helping him design the stage for his operas.

Falconer is survived by his mother Sandy, sisters Tonia and Tory, and nieces and nephews Olivia, Ian, August, Perry, and Will.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/nation-world/olivia-books-author-ian-falconer-dies/507-f10f2d1e-20f5-4395-9cc6-451de9e6ee8c ‘Olivia’ author Ian Falconer dies at 63

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