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Newsom, Bonta Call for Justice Department Investigation into Migrant Flight

In recent weeks, dozens of immigrants flowed by plane and bus into California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The governor of California, attorney general and sheriff of Bexar County, Texas are calling for a Justice Department investigation into migrant flights into Sacramento.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta tweeted a letter he sent to Merrick Garland on Thursday morning.

Part of the report states, “Over the past nine months, asylum-seekers in the United States have been transferred from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, to Sacramento, California, under a program funded by the State of Florida. It is written that

It’s not uncommon for organizations to help connect people at the border with their families, according to the letter, while recruiters reportedly trick migrants into boarding flights with promises of jobs and housing. It is said that these cases are different because they include cases where

An investigation by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (Texas) after the September 2022 plane crash concluded that a similar thing happened to a group of immigrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard, with criminal prosecution pending. A possible referral is pending with the District Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, the California Department of Justice is investigating similar circumstances for migrants who arrived in Sacramento on June 2nd and 5th.

In the first case, 16 Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants came from El Paso to where they were allegedly promised help by private contractors, Newsom said. They then arrived in Sacramento on a private charter jet and were dropped off at the Sacramento Parish with nothing but backpacks and papers purporting to be from the Florida state government.

A few days later, a plane carrying 20 more immigrants arrived at the Sacramento Executive Airport. It’s unclear where the migrants came from, as the plane came from El Paso after a stop in New Mexico, according to ABC News.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis confirmed the state of Florida is coordinating flights to Sacramento, stating, “We are restricting the transportation of illegal immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions that advertise to welcome illegal immigrants. “We’ve put resources into helping, and that’s why illegal immigrants can’t come to Florida.” ”

California legislators and groups condemned their actions.

In the weeks that followed, two more immigrant groups were bused from Texas to Los Angeles. The mayor called it a “sneaky stunt” and Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it was because “small towns on the Texas border remain congested and overwhelmed as Biden refuses to enforce border security.” , admitted to sending at least the first bus.

The letter to Mr. Garland said that although there are separate investigations into violations of state law, the investigation spans at least five states and the Department of Justice should act.

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