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New rules come into effect on Panther Island after noise complaints

The Tarrant Regional Water District, which owns Panther Island, has issued new rules after a music festival in April disturbed residents 16 miles away.

Fort Worth, Texas — Events at panther island The Tarrant Area Water District decided this week to end early under new rules to prevent festival noise from spilling over into the Fort Worth area.

Complaints during the Ubbi Dhabi Festival prompted the change. Hundreds of Fort Worth residents reported hearing the bass of electronic dance music in their homes.

The concert lasted until midnight on Sunday, April 23rd, and after the event, fireworks were set off into the early hours of the morning.

Crestwood resident Kelly Pickett said, “I heard a loud, repetitive drum sound, like a bass drum.” “I didn’t mind, but I know I read on Nextdoor that a lot of people heard it and a lot of people complained.”

Pickett, who lives about two miles from the Panther Island Pavilion concert venue, said he was used to the noise in his neighborhood.

But residents as far away as Benbrook reported feeling vibrations emanating from the festival on Panther Island, nearly 16 miles away.

Still, Tarrant Area Water District Operations Director Darrell Beeson told board members that Ubi Dhabi’s performers should not exceed the volume allowed by permits and Fort Worth’s Downtown Noise Ordinance.

Beeson explained that the atmosphere carried sound particularly far that night. The cool night breeze changed and the music blew across the ocean into western Fort Worth.

“It actually pushed the sound southwest down the Clear Fork,” Beeson said.

About 40 people filed a formal complaint with the district about the noise. Beeson added that the first complaints came just after 10 p.m. that Sunday.

“You should be able to sit in your home or out of your home without interruption,” said Leah King, chairman of the TRWD Board of Directors.

From now on, concerts at Panther Island will end by 10pm Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the event must be finished by midnight.

The district also decided that Panther Island performers would no longer be exempt from Fort Worth’s sound ordinance. Authorities had previously made an exception for events there.

Ubbi Dhabi organizers also agreed to take special measures to block out sound when the festival takes place in Fort Worth. Musicians use directional speakers that focus sound in specific areas.

Workers will also strategically place trucks and tents around the venue to block sound waves. Ubbi Dhabi organizers will also consider creating a hotline for noise complaints so that sound engineers can make adjustments in real time.

“These things needed to be addressed to get people involved in the future developments that the Water Authority is doing,” Pickett said.

The venue will host more concerts as district leaders plan to make the area the next Riverwalk in Texas.

However, a TRWD spokeswoman said the district has not issued permits for events that could be immediately affected by the new restrictions on operating hours.

Panther Island is hosting a taco and tequila festival this weekend.The event was supposed to end by 11:00 p.m.

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