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Nashville school shooting: Jamal Bowman, Thomas Massey engage in heated debate in Capitol over gun violence

manager. Jamal BowmanNew York Democrat and Kentucky Republican Thomas Massey held a heated exchange on gun control in the hallways of the Capitol Wednesday night, two days after the deadly Tennessee school shooting. I got

The confrontation began in a hallway outside the House floor, where Bowman, a former educator and middle school principal from the Bronx, rioted violently. “They’re cowards, they’re all cowards. They won’t do anything to save our children’s lives,” Bowman said, referring to Republican lawmakers.

“Press the cowards and coerce them into answering the questions. Why are you doing nothing to help America’s children? And let me explain all the way to Election Day 2024.” Bowman told Group.Reporters. “Let me explain all the way to Election Day 2024. They are cowards and have no guts.”

Massey approached Bowman and asked what he was referring to, and Bowman replied, “gun violence.” 3 children and 3 adults were killed A shooting occurred at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Police said the shooter had three guns at the school. 7 guns bought legally the past year.

Congress in 2022 passed a bipartisan bill We increased background checks for gun buyers under 21 and added funding for mental health services and school security. The bill was soon signed into law by President Biden.Democrats have since sought renewal of the federal ban on assault weapons that expired in 2015, but their efforts have failed. blocked by Republicanscalls for more school safety measures.

Massey told Bowman, “You know, there’s never been a shooting at a school where teachers are allowed to carry.”

“Carry a gun? Carry a gun and you’ll die! Carry a gun and you’ll die,” Bowman replied.

Massey began asking Bowman if he would co-sponsor his bill, but New York Democrats interrupted.

“Look at the data,” Bowman said. “You’re not looking at the data. You’re carrying water for the gun lobby. Look at the data. More guns result in more deaths. States with open carry laws.” states with open carry laws have more deaths.”

Massey reiterated that there had never been a mass shooting at a school where teachers were armed, but Bowman asked if Massey was listening to him. I told him to calm down.

“Calm down? The child is dying!” said Bowman.

Massey said, “Okay, I…” before Bowman intervened again.

“Nine-year-old!” said Bowman. “The solution is not to arm more teachers. Have you worked in schools? Have you worked in schools? Have you worked in schools? Are you? You haven’t answered my question. Please don’t stop and talk to me.

Mrs. Jill Biden stopped by on Tuesday Candle Night in Nashville The first delegates from the White House since the shooting have traveled to the city to pay tribute to the shooting victims.

White House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre said, “As we’ve heard the president say all week, we will continue to ask Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons to keep our children and our children safe. We urge you to take additional actions to make our communities safer.” Press conference.

Ellis Kim and Zak Hudak contributed to this report.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nashville-school-shooting-jamaal-bowman-thomas-massie-gun-violence-capitol/ Nashville school shooting: Jamal Bowman, Thomas Massey engage in heated debate in Capitol over gun violence

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