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NASA’s DART spacecraft successfully collides with the Demorphos asteroid

Operation completed.

NASA successfully slammed a rover into an asteroid on Monday, a win for NASA’s plan to prepare for a devastating asteroid that threatens humanity.

The 1,260-pound Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft (DART) collided with the estimated 11 billion-pound, 520-foot-long asteroid Demorphos at 14,000 miles per hour, nearly 7 million miles from Earth.

The spacecraft launched its camera and shoebox-sized companion, LICIACube, more than a week ago to film the mission and confirm the impact.

“It’s really hard to hit a small asteroid that we’ve never seen before and hit it in such a spectacular way,” said Nancy Chabot, planetary scientist and mission team leader at Johns Hopkins University. It was a technical demonstration.

The completed mission is the culmination of DART’s 10-month journey at a cost of $325 million. Two were chosen because the asteroid orbits a larger one named Didymos and poses no threat to Earth.

https://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/713180684/0/usatoday-newstopstories~NASAs-DART-spacecraft-successfully-crashes-into-asteroid-in-first-planetary-defense-test/ NASA’s DART spacecraft successfully collides with the Demorphos asteroid

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