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Namibia signs $10 billion green energy deal with Germany’s Hyphen

Namibia’s president recently signed a deal expected to cost $10 billion to Namibian-German company Hyphen Energy to produce “green hydrogen,” a clean energy source proponents see as the fuel of the future. signed.

Hyphen Energy last Friday signed a multi-billion dollar contract with the Namibian government to build a project within Tuu Kavu National Park.

If studies prove the project is feasible, Hyphen plans to build factories, pipelines and ports with the goal of producing 2 million tons of ammonia by 2030.

Ammonia, which can be used as a fuel, is produced using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. The project will also produce oxygen and electricity for local consumption.

Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Commissioner and Presidential Economic Adviser James Mnupe told Voice of America that Hyphen Energy has signed deals with German, British, South Korean and Japanese companies to secure buyers for its flagship product. said.

He said green hydrogen projects would be vertically integrated.

“In other parts of the world, you could have one player developing ports, another developing pipelines, another developing renewable energy, etc. It’s supposed to do everything under one umbrella, and that’s what a vertically integrated project looks like,” he said.

Hyphen CEO Marco Raffinetti says securing funding for green hydrogen projects is a big undertaking, but investment is needed if the world is to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels that contribute to climate change said.

Raffinetti said alternative power sources such as solar energy were very expensive 20 years ago but are getting cheaper over time. Green hydrogen could follow the same trajectory, he said.

But Namibian political commentators are raising red flags over the swift adoption of the president-led project. They question whether the project actually has public buy-in.

In an interview with VOA, political analyst Pendapala Hangara expressed some concerns about the project.

“This is a 45-year project, a 40-year project and … I don’t think it has gone through proper due process. “…it’s a comprehensive project, it’s moving fast, and that’s my concern,” he said.

The green hydrogen project is touted as the largest project of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.

Other countries, such as Morocco, have also embarked on green hydrogen projects, and commentators in Namibia wondered what competitive advantage it would have in exports compared to countries closer to Europe, where Namibia is seen as a major buyer. I doubt if they have.

https://www.voanews.com/a/namibia-signs-10-billion-green-energy-deal-with-germany-s-hyphen-/7118163.html Namibia signs $10 billion green energy deal with Germany’s Hyphen

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