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Musk defends suspended journalist from CNN and NYT after ‘endangering’ family

Elon Musk has defended the decision to ban a number of journalists from Twitter on Thursday night, claiming they made posts that directly threatened his life.

The billionaire said he was violating Twitter’s terms of service by posting “assassination coordinates” by tweeting a link to an account that tracks the movements of his private jet.

journalist Ryan Mack new york timesThe Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, Donnie O’Sullivan’s CNNMashable’s Matt Binder, The Intercept’s Micah lee, as well as Aaron Rupar, Tony Webster and Keith Olberman, all found their Twitter accounts suspended on Thursday.

After the suspension, CNN posted a statement on Twitter saying it had asked for clarification and would “re-evaluate our relationship based on their responses.”

Many journalists who have covered Elon Musk and Twitter were banned from the social media company on Thursday.

Journalist Aaron Rupper

Ryan Mack for The New York Times

Journalists Keith Olberman (left) and Aaron Rupar (right) were among a number of people suspended from Twitter on Thursday.

Some journalists were apparently suspended for tweeting links to the social media platform Mastadon (an alternative to Twitter). Mastadon has migrated an account that publicly tracked Musk’s private jet after being banned from Twitter yesterday.

Mastadon’s Twitter account was banned yesterday. Harwell pointed out in a tweet with a link to the account. His account was suspended after some time.

After Harwell was suspended, Olbermann tweeted what happened and posted a link to Mustadon while imploring others to do the same.

It remains unclear whether the other reporter tweeted about Mustadon or the jet tracking service @ElonJet.

Musk took to Twitter Thursday night to accuse the suspended journalist of doxxing him.

“They posted my exact real-time location, basically my assassination coordinates, and (apparently) were in direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service,” he wrote.

“‘Journalists’ are subject to the same doxing rules as everyone else,” he added, noting that the suspension would last seven days.

This week, Musk’s crusade against Doxing and @ElonJet ignited after he claimed a stalker jumped on the hood of the car he took his son into.

Describing this ordeal, Musk said:

“Legal action is being taken against the organization that helped harm Sweeney and my family,” he added, referring to Jack Sweeney, creator of @ElonJet.

It’s unclear how Musk linked @ElonJet to the stalking incident, and it didn’t appear to involve his private plane.

Musk suspected stalker

On Thursday night, Musk joined a flood of comments of his own as outrage over the suspension swirled on Twitter. This included polls asking users when to reactivate banned journalists’ tweets, and rants about how President Biden would react if journalists were exposed. , and a declaration of love for Barbara Streisand.

“If someone posted the real-time location and address of a NYT reporter, there would be an FBI investigation, a hearing in the Capitol, and Biden speaking about the end of democracy!” he wrote.

He added a poll titled “Unsuspend account that published my exact location in real time” with options “now”, “tomorrow”, “7 days from now” and “longer”. and

When the poll came back with a 43% majority calling for “now,” Musk said he would start over because he had too many choices.

Chief Twit warned Sweeney that he would sue him after his son X was stalked.It's unclear how Musk linked his jet chase to the Los Angeles incident.

Musk tweeted in November that he would not ban @elonjet.User flagged this tweet, adding that Musk is now going against his word

Musk tweeted in November that he would not ban @elonjet.User flagged this tweet, adding that Musk is now going against his word

The New York Times said Mac Twitter gave him no explanation for his suspension. NBC News.

“We hope that all journalists’ accounts will be reinstated and that Twitter will provide a satisfactory explanation for this action,” the Times told the outlet.

According to NBC journalist Ben Collins, Ruper said he “doesn’t know” why he was suspended.

Each of the other banned journalists had recently covered the mask.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that it would not comment on specific outages, but added that users who endanger other users would be banned.

“While we do not comment on specific accounts, we can confirm that any account that violates our privacy policy and puts other users at risk will be terminated,” the spokesperson said.

@ElonJet's Twitter account has been suspended.Musk previously said he wouldn't ban it

@elonjet’s Twitter account has been suspended.Musk previously said he wouldn’t ban it

Musk suspected stalker

Elon Musk's son X posed for photos at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters last week.He was traveling in a car in Los Angeles when the car was allegedly stalked by a man

Billionaire Elon Musk has posted a clip identifying the ‘crazy stalker’ who tracked down his son X’s car. His CEO on Twitter said a man wearing a black mask and hood had previously blocked the path of the car. Jump on the hood.Musk believes Stalker thought Elon himself was traveling in a car at the time

Last night, Musk posted a video of a man he said was a stalker.

In a short video, the suspect was seen wearing a black hood and driving a white Hyundai, picking up the phone and recording the encounter himself.

The video, believed to be taken by Mr. Musk’s driver, was panned toward the vehicle’s license plate.

When a horrified Twitter follower asked if this was the man who jumped on the hood of the car, billionaire Musk confirmed and replied, “Yes.”

Journalist Keith Olberman

Jack Sweeney started @ElonJet in 2020 because he’s a fan of Musk and wanted to know how he managed his business.

@ElonJet's Twitter account has been suspended.Musk previously said he wouldn't ban it

@ElonJet’s Twitter account has been suspended.Musk previously said he wouldn’t ban it

He elaborated on the rationale for the decision to ban @ElonJet, saying accounts that disclosed people’s whereabouts in “real time” were a “physical security breach.”

“Accounts that publish someone’s real-time location will be suspended due to physical security violations.”

“This includes posting links to sites that include real-time location information. It’s okay for someone to post where they’ve traveled a little later, as it’s not a safety issue.

Sweeney’s jet account was suspended Wednesday morning. Stopped again.

Musk previously launched @elonjet in 2020, when he was 19, because Sweeney was a huge billionaire fan and wanted to see how he managed his business.

In 2021, Musk offered 20-year-old Sweeney $5,000 to suspend his account, which he considered a risk to his safety.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11544491/Twitter-suspends-journalists-CNN-New-York-Times-covering-Elon-Musk.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Musk defends suspended journalist from CNN and NYT after ‘endangering’ family

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