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Missing Everman boy: Search continues for Noel Rodriguez Alvarez

Everman Police will conduct ground and drone searches in two different areas after pausing the search for nearly a week to review new data.

Everman, Texas — Missing Person Search Followed by Everman’s 6-year-old boy Saturday.

Everman’s police and crew will conduct ground and drone searches in two different areas after pausing the search for almost a week to review new data from the investigation.

Everman police believe Noel is likely dead, investigators continue to collect data search warrantEverman Police Chief Craig Spencer told WFAA on Tuesday that investigators had obtained new data that could identify additional people Noel’s mother and stepfather had been in touch with before leaving the country.

Spencer said he wants to be intentional with where they’re looking.

“We have been able to collect an enormous amount of data, and we have to comb through every bit of that data,” Spencer said. “It’s like walking into a library and he’s trying to find one word out of a million books. That’s what we’re looking for here.”

In search of Saturday texas search and rescueis a non-profit first responder organization deployed at the request of law enforcement, fire departments and emergency management agencies.

Texas Search and Rescue was able to bring in bone-sniffing dogs, boats, and drones to aid in the search.

“We don’t have the resources they have,” Everman said.

Everman said one key resource that came in handy on Saturday was being able to access Texas Search and Rescue drones to get a different view of the area.

“Some of the search areas are very thick and heavy with underbrush and mesquite,” Everman said. “That often makes it very difficult for ground-based seekers to actually go deep and look.”

Everman said there were no plans to conduct another search on Sunday, but the search team was able to do a lot of work throughout Saturday.

“In a case like this where physical evidence is already sorely lacking, we want to make sure we haven’t missed anything because we can’t afford to miss anything,” Everman said. Win for us regardless of what happens next. Even if we don’t find any evidence to support Noel’s whereabouts, we know where he is. This takes the investigation down a different path. “

In March, CPS questioned Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, about the boy’s whereabouts. A few days later, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, her husband, and her six siblings, Noel, left the country. Their last known location was New Delhi, India.

Noel’s maternal grandmother Spoke exclusively with WFAA About her daughter and investigation on Tuesday. Cindy Rodriguez Singh’s mother, who speaks Spanish and has requested her anonymity due to concerns about her safety, wants her justice for her grandchildren.

She said her grandmother was filled with anger when she learned last month that her daughter, Noel’s stepfather Ashdeep Singh, and other close relatives had fled the country.

“She killed him, so she ran away,” said Noel’s grandmother. “I want you to bring her back and tell me where Noel is. Where is he? What is the reason? He was a boy who didn’t deserve the misfortune she gave him. He was an innocent child.” I did. Poor child.”

Everman Police said the two areas they are searching are about 215 acres of land and nearly 50 people will assist Saturday’s search. They see a piece of land just north of Bluebell Drive in Everman and south of Shelby Road near Village Creek.

Spencer said there are other small search areas that are also being explored by a small investigative team, but did not disclose their locations.

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