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McConnell faces challenge from Scott as Republican senators rally

Washington – Senate Republicans were meeting behind closed doors Wednesday as Republican leader Mitch McConnell faced an impressive challenge to his leadership. midterm elections.

The Capitol’s Old Senate House is a historic site, mostly visited by tourists, but occasionally used by senators for the most serious private debates, and Republicans said they’d voted in last week’s election. after very public repercussions of infighting following the disappointing outcome of Democratic control of the Senate.

A confident McConnell seemed confident that he would easily fend off a challenge from Scott, who was largely blamed by his colleagues for the failure of the Republican Party. Fewer than 10 Republican senators are expected to be the most conservative or aligned with former President Donald Trump.

“I think the results are pretty clear,” McConnell told reporters on Tuesday. Again, I have a vote. I will be elected. The only question is whether you will do it sooner or later. ”

The unrest in the Senate is similar to the turmoil among Republicans in the House after the midterm elections, when the party split over Trump’s support in the Republican Party. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy won the nomination Running for Speaker of the House from his peers, the Republican Party seeks to win a House majority, but faces fierce opposition from a core group of right-wing Republicans unconvinced of his leadership.

On Wednesday, the senator said that Scott’s ally, Republican Ted Cruz, would wait until after the Dec. 6 runoff vote in Georgia between Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. A proposal by a senator was to be considered first. It determines the final composition of the Senate. Walker ius is eligible to vote in the leadership election, but was not expected to attend.

There are 49 Republican senators scheduled to vote on Wednesday, including senators who were elected this week but have not yet taken the oath of office, and a campaign against Republican Kelly Tzibaka. Including Alaska Senator Lisa Markowski, who is eligible despite being unconvened. yet.

The announcement by Scott, who was urged by Trump to challenge McConnell, ends the long-running feud between Scott, who led the Senate’s Republican campaign arm this year, and McConnell over the party’s approach to regaining control of the Senate. escalated.

“If you just want the status quo, don’t vote for me,” Scott wrote to Republican senators, offering to vote against McConnell.

Rebellious conservatives within Congress have lashed out at McConnell’s handling of the election and his iron grip on the Senate Republican Caucus.

The postponement could affect Trump-backed conservatives who hope their influence will grow after the results of the races in Georgia and Alaska.

But given his deep support at the conference, it seems unlikely their numbers will increase enough to jeopardize McConnell’s job. Since delivering a scathing speech denouncing the president’s blame, he has lobbied the party to remove Mr. McConnell. The January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

Yet it represents an extraordinary direct challenge to McConnell’s authority. If he wins the Republican leadership post, he will become the longest-serving Senate leader in history when the new Congress convenes in the new year.

Scott and McConnell dragged on for hours at a lengthy private luncheon with Republican senators on Tuesday, exchanging what their colleagues said were “outspoken” and “vibrant” Barbs. They contested their differences over the midterm elections, the quality of Republican candidates running, and funding.

At the luncheon, about 20 senators made their case for the two men. Some members, including Senator Susan Collins, challenged Scott directly in McConnell’s defense, according to people familiar with the meeting.

Among the many reasons for Scott’s objection was that the Republicans compromised too much with the Democrats in the last Congress, creating a bill President Joe Biden deemed a success and the Democrats He ran for election in 2022.

No authority to discuss internal issues by name, according to senior Republican strategist who claimed, the feud between Scott and McConnell has been pervasive for months and, as Scott predicted, without a wave of Republican Senate It boiled over as the election results trickled in. On anonymity.

The feud began shortly after Scott took over the party committee in late 2020. Many within the party saw it as an effort to build his national political profile and donor network ahead of a possible 2024 presidential election. A committee focused on Scott’s own biography and less on candidates running for election.

Scott then announced an 11-item plan earlier this year. This has opened the door to cuts in Social Security and Medicare, while requiring modest tax increases for many low-wage Americans. Offer your own agenda.

According to a senior Republican consultant, the feud was caused in part by a fraying credibility in Scott’s leadership and the meager finances of the $20 million-indebted Commission.

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