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Market Square Tower Introducing a state-of-the-art Day Spa to the Building

Market Square Tower Introducing a state-of-the-art Day Spa to the Building

Market Square Tower, a high-rise luxury building, located in Downtown Houston is setting its sights on repurposing an area on its amenity floor to a full-service day spa and wellness center. LICO Spa & Wellness will be ground zero for the introduction of ‘dwellness – wellness where you live,’ a new wellness lifestyle concept for Market Square Tower. With LICO Spa as the wellness hub for Downtown Houston, dwellness establishes a new category of wellness community that is purpose-built with health and happiness in mind, creating opportunities to elevate energy, experience exceptional healing services, and form meaningful connections both personal and collective. In a fully renovated 2nd floor location with stunning interiors, LICO Spa will showcase opportunities to elevate energy and performance, to savor exceptional healing services, and to explore wellness where you live.

In addition to massage, body treatments, and customized skincare, LICO Spa’s wellness programming will include a focused range of recovery treatments and a dramatic thermal circuit. Its recovery zone will deliver a selection of restorative options such as assisted stretching and percussive and compression therapies. The hot and cold zone, featuring a steam room, Himalayan salt sauna, cool-down experiential showers, and thermal loungers, introduces Houston to the next generation of contrast bathing to boost metabolism, accelerate recovery, and improve health.

Residents will also enjoy exclusive ‘dwellness’ privileges, including in-home treatments and services, expanded wellness programming, and complimentary access to virtual wellness experiences. To see renderings of LICO Spa & Wellness and find out more information on the opening date, click here.

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