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Mark Meadows to Newsmax: WH trying to run out of time in midterm elections

Reports that the mayor of El Paso, Texas, is under pressure from the Biden administration to delay declaring a state of emergency against illegal immigration until after the midterm elections not only smells political, but also has potential payoffs. said the former White House secretary.Staff Mark Meadows news max.

“You can’t control the narrative by persuading certain mayors to suggest it’s not an emergency,” Meadows said Tuesday.prime news” with Jen Pellegrino.

“As you know, I think the time is ripe to accurately monitor the involvement of this particular administration.”

Meadows said this was just the latest instance of the Biden administration trying to use connections to control the narrative, citing efforts with teachers’ unions to classify conservative parents as domestic terrorism threats. are compared with

“They got in touch with the teachers’ union,” Meadows told Pellegrino. “This time, it’s all about working with Democratic mayors to propose that there is no emergency at the border.

“And you’re right. It smells like politics and trying to advance the narrative before the November midterm elections.”

Meadows said he would have dealt with the fuss if something like this happened when he was working for Trump at the White House.

“If this was Donald Trump, it would be news in every headline,” Meadows said.

But midterm elections are about winning elections, not winning stories, and Meadows concluded that Senator Mark Kelly (Democrat of Arizona) would help Republicans regain control of the Senate. President Joe Biden.

“We have a Senator in Arizona. Senator Kerry is basically talking about how we can work with this administration,” Meadows said. “He can’t even get Joe Biden to the border and he can’t control it. I hope to resolve this.

“Unfortunately, they need real leadership, and that leadership has been lacking since January 2021.”


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