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Mark Kelly Predicted To Defeat Blake Masters To Win Re-Election

If Masters wins, he will lose a key seat as Republicans try to seize control of the Senate, making him, at 36, the youngest senator in Arizona history.

Base Republican voters said immigration and border security motivated them to support the Masters. CBS News poll State Democrats, on the other hand, said abortion rights were a key factor for Kelly’s participation in the poll.

Arizona Senate Debate


During the primary election, Masters leaned into a far-right racist conspiracy known as the “Grand Substitution Theory.” He claims that it is because he wants to overthrow power.

Kerry’s campaign relied on abortion rights to revitalize Democratic voters, but the economy and inflation were the top concerns for many Arizona general election voters.

Rising gas prices and rising inflation gave the Masters a line of attack against Kerry. He also tried to tie Kerry to President Biden’s low approval ratings in the state.

Kerry appealed to moderate voters, pointing out that he stood up to Biden on immigration, and unlike most Democrats who supported ending the use of Title 42, the government deports immigrants at the border. Unlike Trump-era policies that allowed The COVID-19 pandemic — he was against ending it without first coming up with a comprehensive border response.

Republican operative in Arizona told CBS News That the Masters may not attract enough moderate voters to win in November. After the primaries, Masters began working for these voters, editing campaign websites to soften language on issues like abortion, gun control, immigration and the 2020 election. He also removed language from the site that suggested Trump won his 2020 election.

In the only Senate debate before the election, Masters said: a milder opinion Biden leaned toward the middle of the 2020 election, saying it was the first time he was legally elected president and the first time he admitted there was no evidence the 2020 election was rigged. .

Instead, he blamed ‘big tech and big media’ for ‘censorship'[ing] Hunter Biden’s Crime Story” and “Thumbs on the scales to get Joe Biden in there”.

Trump then called Masters and said his answer in the 2020 election would be “soft” and could cost him a run for the Senate. Compared unfavorably to candidate Kari Lake.

“Kali wins with little money. The election was rigged and stolen when they said, ‘What about your family?’” she says. If it goes soft, we’ll lose and we’ll lose that base,” Trump was seen telling Masters at the Tucker Carlson Originals, which follows Masters’ campaign.

A week after the debate, Masters returned to Fox News and said he still believes Trump would have been in office today had there been a free and fair election. “If everyone obeyed the law, President Trump would be in the Oval Office.

While Mr. Masters pledged allegiance to Mr. Trump, Mr. Kelly tried to distance himself from Mr. Biden. When he was first elected, he found that Democrats “didn’t understand” the issue of immigration at the border, and Republicans simply wanted to politicize the topic.

Kelly maintained a significant edge in funding and TV ad spend throughout the campaign.

https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/arizona-senate-results-2022-elections-midterms-mark-kelly-blake-masters/ Mark Kelly Predicted To Defeat Blake Masters To Win Re-Election

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