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Man charged with killing two teenagers who hit and run down Rigsby Avenue

Lee Roy Morales has been charged with withholding aid and failing to render, according to the San Antonio Police Arrest Affidavit.

San Antonio — Man Arrested, Faces Indictment hit-and-run death Two teenagers earlier this month.

According to the San Antonio Police Arrest Affidavit, 23-year-old Lee Roy Morales has been charged with withholding aid and failing to render.

On the night of December 16th, 17-year-old James Solis and 15-year-old Jordan Kanedo were on their way home from the mall. A loved one said that two friends were shopping for Christmas.

The teens got off the bus near Rigsby Avenue and Bonaire Drive.

Police said Solis and Kanedo were walking down Rigsby Avenue at a designated crosswalk. run over by an eastbound carAccording to the arrest warrant, Lee Roy Morales was the driver of the car who took off without stopping to help the victim.

Police say they were able to locate Morales and his maroon Toyota Camry using car parts left at the scene and information provided anonymously to Guadalupe County officials.

On the night of the accident, investigators found a fragment of the vehicle’s left front cover, stamped with a part number identifying it as a Toyota Corolla. According to the report, an anonymous caller contacted Guadalupe County investigators and provided the suspect’s name, date of birth and current address.The caller also said the suspect was driving his 1999 Maroon in his Toyota I mentioned I had a Camry.

A few nights later, a 911 caller called police and said a man was seen walking around a building near the crash site at a memorial service earlier this month. The caller described him as having a tattoo near his right ear and wearing black-framed glasses. That night, the person on the phone spoke to the man and said he knew nothing about the crash, but was “trying to find out if the building (which appeared to be an old business) was for sale,” she said. Said..then the guy drove off in a Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep’s license plate was recorded by the caller and handed over to the police.

Police then examined the Jeep and found it was registered at the same address as Toyota. Investigators went to the house and spoke to Morales’ sister, who said his brother Lee was not there, but he was at work. She provided police with his work address and said his brother had driven a maroon Toyota car that he sold because he “hit something in the road and the windshield shattered.” .

When investigators arrived at Morales’ place of work, Morales said he was indeed involved in the Rigsby Avenue crash, the arrest report says. He also matched the description provided by the 911 caller with a tattoo near his right ear. Morales told police he was driving home from the gym that night when something hit his car’s windshield. He said he drives a Toyota. He also texted police pictures of the crash damage. He said he didn’t have the vehicle because he sold it to someone because it had “too many mechanical issues.”

According to reports, he was taken to headquarters and provided a recorded statement.

In that statement, he said he had new lights in his car, but they often “failed on their own”. I was driving down Rigsby Street when I hit it. He admitted to seeing his arm through the windshield as he was also covered in glass due to the shattered windshield. He said he got out of the car and didn’t see anything, but he knew “he could have hit someone.” He said he deliberately left the scene for fear of going to jail. He also told police that his sister and niece were financially dependent on him.

Investigators said they had reason to believe that Lee Roy Morales was involved in the crash that killed both victims on purpose.


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