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Majority in CBS News poll say Mr Low’s overthrow was bad for country, half say abortion is more restricted than expected

What happened one year after the groundbreaking abortion law enactment, how do people feel Roe v. Wade decision overturned?

When Roe v. Wade was dismissed a year ago, most Americans disagreed, and now most feel a growing threat to women’s health and rights, the ruling is a national I feel bad for the whole thing. Half told CBS News that access to abortion in the United States has become more difficult than expected in the past year.

last spring, Those who opposed Low’s overthrow felt that doing so was dangerous for women and a threat to people’s rights. And many say some of their fears are becoming a reality.

Women (6 out of 10 who do not support the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Law) feel that the decision is not only a violation of women’s rights but also a threat to their health: More than half of the women in the U.S. think they are pregnant today, increasing the risk from a medical perspective.

There are still quite a few Americans who have different feelings about the end of Law and what happened afterward. A majority of groups that have long been less supportive of abortion rights, including Republicans, conservatives and evangelicals, feel that Mr. Low’s downfall was good for the country.

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Those who think Lo’s reversal is a good thing mostly cite “preserving the fetus” as the reason. Also, most people feel that “conservative values ​​are being accepted.”

Majorities on each side of Mr. Low’s argument cite “states making access to abortion difficult” as the reason for their view, and how they feel about Mr. Low’s reversal will determine how states act. indicates that it can be both negative and positive.

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Women: Rights and Reproductive Health

A year after Lo’s downfall, many women face challenges and obstacles related to reproductive health.

Women’s views, like those of the general public, are linked not only to views on abortion and the overthrow of the Low government, but also to partisanship.

Women in the Democratic Party and those who feel the overthrow of the Low government would be bad for the country have expressed particular concern. Most of them believe that it is becoming increasingly dangerous to become pregnant in the United States from a medical point of view, and that access to reproductive medicine is becoming increasingly difficult. . Far fewer female Republican lawmakers hold this view.

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More broadly, women overall, three to one, viewed Mr. Low’s downfall as a setback rather than a step forward for women’s rights.

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within the state

The Dobbs ruling informed states about the legality of the abortion issue, and people’s opinions about access to abortion within their states are tied to where they live.

Among women living in the following states: Abortion policies considered restrictiveFifty-one percent say their state has more restrictive restrictions on abortion than they would like, 30 percentage points higher than women living in states whose policies are considered less restrictive.

And about half of women in states with more restrictive abortion laws said they would have at least some difficulty getting reproductive health care if they needed it.

In these states, more Democrats than Republicans feel these restrictions are excessive, as can be seen in the more general view of abortion.

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This CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted using a nationally representative sample of 2,145 US adult residents interviewed from June 14-17, 2023. The sample was weighted according to gender, age, race, and education based on the U.S. Census American Community Survey, with current census and past votes. The error is ±3.0 points.

For this analysis, states with abortion policies considered “restrictive” and “non-restrictive” are based on data compiled by the U.S. government. Guttmacher Institute.

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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/abortion-roe-v-wade-dobbs-anniversary-opinion-poll-2023-06-21/ Majority in CBS News poll say Mr Low’s overthrow was bad for country, half say abortion is more restricted than expected

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