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Maine shooting suspect Joseph Eaton was released from prison four days ago, officials say.

Joseph Eaton, 34 years old who was arrested Officials said they were released from prison four days earlier than previous charges in connection with the shooting deaths of four people in Bowdoin, Maine, and a highway shooting in which three drivers were injured. .

He was released from the Maine Correctional Center on April 14, 2023, Anna Black, director of government affairs at the Department of Corrections, confirmed to CBS News.

Eaton was convicted on March 10, 2021 and brought in on revocation of probation, Black said. He was indicted in Knox County Superior Court, but it is unclear what his charges were, as records are only available for direct confirmation.

Before staying in Maine, Eaton was imprisoned in Florida for assaulting a police officer and possessing a firearm, according to court records. Court records show he served three months and he served 14 days of his three-year sentence.

Four days after Eaton’s release on Tuesday morning, Maine police were called to the Bowdoin residence and found four people dead there, officials said.

Shortly thereafter, at approximately 10:30 a.m. local time, several vehicles were shot at on Interstate 295 in the town of Yarmouth, about 25 miles south of Bowdoin.

State police later confirmed that three drivers had been hospitalized with gunshot wounds and one was in critical condition.

The names of the dead and injured have not yet been released.

Faris Tanyos contributed to the report.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joseph-eaton-maine-shooting-suspect-released-prison-four-days-earlier/ Maine shooting suspect Joseph Eaton was released from prison four days ago, officials say.

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