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Los Angeles leader in racism scandal resigns from council seat

Los Angeles The former president of the Los Angeles City Council has resigned from public office three days after records surfaced of her making racist remarks at a conference that is now the subject of a state investigation.

Nury Martinez, the first Latino to hold the highest post on the council, announced her decision in a press release after a flurry of anger, calling for the legislator to resign. She and two other council members I participated in a conversation that was recorded last year.

Martinez made racist remarks and other crude comments about the black son of a white congressman.

Her resignation statement did not address those comments, but in words directed at her daughter, she said she had fallen short of expectations recently, saying, “I want you to be a better woman as you are proud of.” I promise to do my best.

The announcement came hours after Attorney General Rob Bonta said he would investigate the redistricting process in Los Angeles.

Martinez resigned as president on Monday while still holding her council seat. Her decision to relinquish her seat came as she was due to arrive in Los Angeles the day after President Joe Biden condemned her remarks and called all three council members. . Martinez, Kevin De Leon, Gil Sedillo -Resign.

Bonta, who is a Democrat like the three council members, said his investigation could lead to civil or criminal liability, depending on what was discovered.

“It’s clear that an investigation is desperately needed to restore faith in the reorganization process of the people of Los Angeles,” he said.

Bonta spoke in Los Angeles when the council tried unsuccessfully to conduct business nearby, amidst the commotion debunking racial tensions at city hall. was the first person. Filipino American To get the best law enforcement jobs in the most populous states in the country.

The council reconvened on Wednesday, supposedly denouncing three members, but doing business as a mob of about 50 protesters drowned out the acting president chanting slogans such as “no meeting without resignation.” Couldn’t do it.

At least 10 of the 15 members required for a quorum were present, but the meeting was adjourned when one left. None of the three bewildered council members showed up.

“Who shut you up? We shut you down! The raucous crowd cheered as the lights were dimmed.

Acting council chairman Mitch O’Farrell said there were no signs of anger subsiding and he did not believe the council could resume work until all three were gone, saying it was inevitable.

“For Los Angeles to recover and for the city council to govern, there must be accountability,” he said in a statement. There is no other way forward. ”

Councils cannot expel members. A member can only be suspended if criminal charges are pending. Condemnation does not result in suspension or dismissal from office.

In a taped conversation, Martinez called City Councilman Mike Bonin a “little bitch”. Like a monkey,” he said. The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

At another point in the hour-long recording, Martinez called indigenous immigrants from the Mexican state of Oaxaca ugly and made vulgar remarks about Jews and Armenians.

In 2019, Martinez became the first Latino to be elected to the city council, and on her website she describes herself as “a glass ceiling-breaking leader who brings profound life experiences as the proud daughter of working-class immigrants.” made history by expressing She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.

Discussions with the powerful Latino Labor Party leader, who has since resigned, have centered on protecting Latino political power while redrawing the boundaries of council districts. One group can be pitted against another for political advantage in elections.

Jessica Levinson, a Loyola Law School professor and former member of the City of Los Angeles Ethics Committee, said Bonta left that possibility open but there was no evidence in the record that would have prompted criminal charges.

However, she said the survey could force the council’s districts to be redrawn even though the current map is being used to select new council members next month.

“It’s very rare where the audio is… it gives the impression of drawing a clear line based on race,” Levinson said. “If we finally decide that these lines were illegally drawn, we need a remedy for that. In fact…it’s a disaster.”

Los Angeles Attorney Mike Feuer called for the creation of an independent commission to create a zoning map.

“It is now clear to everyone that leaving the power of elected officials to determine their constituencies is a recipe for conflicts of interest and an invitation to backroom deals. It should,” said Feuer.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the recording was posted to the social media site Reddit by a now-suspended user. It is unknown if he did.


Thompson reported from Sacramento. Associated Press writer John Antuchuk and Amankai Villaben of Los Angeles, Sophie Austin of Sacramento, and Julie Watson of San Diego contributed to this report.

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