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Lensa AI is not owned by Tencent.I’m from another dimension

After an AI art app became popular online, the scrutiny increased. The company behind Lensa is American, not Chinese, but at least one of his popular apps is Chinese.

Art generated by artificial intelligence has become the latest internet craze, with several apps and websites creating stylized images based on user-uploaded photos.

However, some people are concerned about where the data uploaded to the site goes, who owns it, and how it is used.

for example, 1 viral tweet Includes Tumblr posts.

This post surprised many users. answered “Was the AI ​​generator that everyone is using made by Tencent???” Lensaa trending app in the United States, has spawned much of the viral AI-generated content in recent weeks.


Is Lensa owned by Chinese company Tencent?

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No, Lensa is not owned by Tencent. But there is another popular AI art tool, Ijigen Me.


what we found

Rensa is owned by an American company. Prisma Labbased in California.

but the original viral post It actually refers to another generator called Another Dimension Me that takes pictures and converts them into anime-style images.

It’s owned by China’s Tencent – it’s Hosted by qq.coma messaging, shopping, and social media site operated by Tencent.

The viral post continues to claim that Tencent has developed facial recognition technology used by the Chinese government to track protesters.

We know Tencent has facial recognition technology.it actually facilitates that website.

it has also been widely reported that is, the Chinese government Uses face recognition technology Identify and track protesters through the crowd.

However, it is unclear if Tencent is involved in the process.according to Researcher at MITthe company has worked with the Chinese government in the past, which has included projects involving facial data tracking, but a recent report specifically linked the company to its recent efforts to track protesters. There is nothing to tie it to.

For that part Rensa states in it privacy policy Do not use photos uploaded to the app for identification purposes of any kind.


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