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Kimberly Herrin, ‘Ghostbusters’ Playboy Playmate, ZZ Top’s ‘Legs’ music video, dies at 65

Playboy Playmate Kimberly Herrin He died after appearing in music videos for “Ghostbusters” and ZZ Top’s “Legs.” she was 65 years old.

Her niece, Teresa Ramirez, confirmed the star’s passing to Fox News Digital on Wednesday. .

“They are together now,” Ramirez captioned the post. “Aunt Kimberly Herrin. I love you.”

Hyelin passed away peacefully on October 28th. Santa Barbara, Californiaaccording to an obituary in the Santa Barbara News-Press. A cause of death has not been released, but in memory of Herrin, her family sent a donation to the American Cancer Society “to advance research in cancer prevention and treatment.” solicited donations of

Kymberly Herrin died Wednesday at the age of 65.
(Kimberly Herrin Facebook)

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“I definitely miss her,” Ramirez told Fox News Digital. I have some big shoes that need to be filled.

“A lot of people just look at the outside. But she was probably the kindest, most caring person I’ve ever known. She never badmouthed anyone. She was a peacekeeper.”

Herrin appeared in the music video for . "leg" By ZZ Top.

Herrin appeared in ZZ Top’s “Legs” music video.
(ZZ Top/Warner Bros.)

Herrin was born on October 2, 1956 in Lompoc, California. She lived in Santa Barbara for her entire life and appeared on over ten magazine covers. Herrin was her Playmate of the Month in her March 1981 issue of Playboy. She graced the covers of her September 1982 and her September 1983 issues of Playboy. Herrin has also appeared in several special editions of Hugh Hefner’s magazine.

“A lot of people just look at the outside, but she was probably the kindest, most caring person I’ve ever known.”

— Teresa Ramirez, niece of Kimberly Herrin

In addition to modeling, Hyelin found fame in Hollywood. She has appeared in several notable films. 1984’s “Romancing the Stone” With Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. That same year, she starred in ‘Ghostbusters’, where Dunn her Aykroyd character, Ray, captivated viewers as a seductive ghost sharing sensual scenes with her stunts.

“She loved her career. She loved being in the limelight, but she was very down-to-earth. She was very humble,” Ramirez said. “She works as a model.” She was enjoying the lifestyle and it was her dream to travel, and she met some very interesting celebrities along the way.”

In 2021, Aykroyd recalled working with Herrin.

“I remember a woman who played it,” the 70-year-old told Polygon. “Her name was Kim Hye Rin. playboy playmate. She played a ghost. I want that scene to last a little longer.

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“Sexual encounters with spirits are very common,” he argued. I won’t. And.'”

Fittingly, Herrin played a playmate in the 1987 film Beverly Hills Cop II starring Eddie Murphy.

Hyelin is also remembered as one of the statuesque blondes who flaunted her stems in the music video for ZZ Top’s hit song “Legs”. The song became a favorite of the summer of 1984.

Ramirez told Fox News Digital, “There are a lot of pictures of the stories I was told and the way she carries me everywhere.” I got hooked and started doing modeling and stuff like that, I remember one time. i went to school She picked me up from school.

“When I was in elementary school, she came in in a little black Volkswagen Beetle. She was holding the black Beetle from top to bottom and all the boys stopped. They just They were looking at me and knew who she was, and I was so embarrassed because everyone knew who she was. I thought that was just my friend.

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According to her obituary, Herrin pursued her passion for sailingFor several years she sailed on a 75ft yacht. She has her mother, brother, two nieces, two nephews, and “numerous” grandpas and grandpas.

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