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July 9, 2023: Two shootings in Forest Hill, Texas

Forest Hill Police said they responded to two shootings less than a mile apart and within an hour of each other early Sunday morning.

FOREST HILL, Texas — Forest Hill Police are seeking information related to two gunshot calls that occurred on July 9. In one of the cases, police found the dead body of a girl in the house.

Police said in a statement that they had been called after receiving the first call at 3:17 am on Sunday. 4200 block in Andrea Lane About firing.

When police arrived, they found a teenage girl with gunshot wounds inside the home. She was confirmed dead on the spot. The Tarrant County coroner identified her as 15-year-old Talia Fields.

Evidence of the shooting included multiple bullet holes in the front window of the house. Evidence also shows that the gunshot hit bricks outside the house. Damage has also spread to the side of the house.

At 4:18 a.m., officers launched into another shootout. 6000 blocks in Maiden Lane. They said they arrived at the scene and found damaged items.

Residents said their car was damaged by the shooting. One bullet went through the windshield. A second bullet hit the side of the car.

Forest Hill Police Chief Demond Spraberry told WFAA, “We are looking into providing evidence to see if we can get any fingerprints or any connection to the shooter.”

Police said the two shootings were less than a mile from each other, but it was not yet clear if the two shootings were related.

“It’s hard on the community. It’s hard on the department. It’s very hard on the family,” Spraberry said.

Police have only described the original suspect as “an African-American or Hispanic man with a shirt wrapped around his head and a large chest tattoo.”

Police said the investigation was active. Spraberry said the Texas Rangers are also participating in the investigation.

Mr Spraberry urged residents of both neighborhoods where the shootings took place early Sunday morning to check their home security cameras, which may have captured the suspects and vehicles on the streets at the time of the shootings.

“We need all the eyes and ears of our communities,” Spraberry said.

Anyone who may have information may submit it anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

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