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Jimmy Carter entering hospice care

The Carter Center said in a statement on Saturday that the 39th president would receive hospice care in lieu of “additional” medical intervention.

ATLANTA — Former US President Jimmy Carter will receive hospice care and will spend the “rest of his time” at home, according to a statement issued Saturday by the Carter Center.

The former 39th president was recently in and out of the hospital. Carter, 98, served as commander-in-chief from 1977 until 1981.

Carter is the oldest former president in US history. He survived his tragic cancer diagnosis in 2015.

Jason Carter, Carter’s grandson, tweeted on saturday That his grandparents are “in peace”.

In October, the former president celebrated his birthday with family and friends in Plains, Georgia, the small town where he and wife Rosalyn were born between World War I and the Great Depression.

The Carter Center, founded by the 39th president and former first lady after a one-term term in the White House, last year promoted democracy and conflict resolution, monitored elections and promoted public health in the developing world. celebrated its 40th anniversary.


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