Is Online Gaming on the Rise?

Online gaming is big business and millions of people own a gaming device. From consoles to mobile phones, there are many devices capable of running games and many of the available games are played online. Gone are the days of having to use a disc or cartridge to load and play a game, with most games now available to download online. With such easy access to games, is online gaming on the rise?

Online Gaming Statistics

If we look at the global gaming market revenue for 2021, the figure stands at $178.2 billion. This is a significant increase from 2020 and if we look at the numbers coming out of 2022, the total revenue from the gaming market has increased further, standing at $196 billion. The online gaming market has been on a continual rise since the mid-1990s and when we talk about gaming, it is fair to assume this is mostly online gaming. There are no games currently being produced that are available on disc and not online. In fact, the opposite is true and there are many games that are developed for online download and play only, with no option to purchase in a store or play offline. The increase in revenue of the online gaming industry is most significant in the past five years and that is down to the improvements in technology.


One of the many reasons why online gaming is on the rise is because gamers are not only playing games but also socializing. Many online gamers see online gaming as a way to make new friends andlong term relationships. Meeting new people when playing games online can introduce new cultures, especially as it is possible to play online games with people from anywhere on the planet. People have met via online gaming and got married, so there is a huge social element to online games that keep people coming back for more. Online gaming is a fantastic way for shy people to make new friends as playing the online game breaks the ice and it is easier than having to talk to people face to face.

Types of Online Games

Today, we have various forms of online gaming which means more people are being attracted to online games. For example, you could play an online sports game, first person shooter, survival game, racing game, or real dealer online casino New Zealand game and all of this would fall under the umbrella of online gaming. Indeed, iGaming, which involves online gambling forms part of the overall online gaming market, with slots, table games, and live casino games all played online. Competitive gaming in the form of eSports is also regularly played online, with events offering huge sums of prize money to the winners. Poker is another example of a popular online game that is extremely competitive and great to watch.

With the continued improvements in both technology and games, online gaming is on the rise. We have seen the online gaming industry grow massively in the past five years and that growth is set to continue in 2023 and beyond.

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