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Is it legal to skip using turn signals in Texas?

Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – According to Texas transportation regulations, even if you are in a dedicated turn lane, you risk a fine or license warning if you do not use your turn signal first.

The Lone Star State is no stranger to somewhat quirky traffic laws. Have one thing you can drop out of your car windowand Requires vehicles to have wipers, but does not require windshieldsHowever, the Texas law on turn signals is the simplest of its codes.

Some drivers may find it inconvenient or counterintuitive to use turn signals when driving in turn or exit lanes. However, Texas transportation regulations state:

  • Drivers must use turn signals whenever they intend to turn, change lanes, or depart from a parked position.
  • Drivers wishing to turn their vehicle must signal continuously “over the last 100 feet of travel” before turning.and
  • Drivers must not use signals on only one side of a parked or disabled vehicle, or as a courtesy or “overtaking” signal to another driver approaching from behind.

Some states may waive the requirement to use turn signals if there are no other vehicles in the area, but the Texas Code makes no such exceptions.

According to the code, Common penalties for those convicted of mobility violations, such as not using turn signals, include fines of up to $200. However, due to court processing costs, some counties Local governments have a record of up to $210 in costs related to turn signal violations.

The Texas Department of Public Safety also said: Drivers who commit too many mobile traffic violations within a year may have their license suspended. In addition to failing to use turn signals, drivers can face higher fines or more penalties if they are found to be causing an accident, injuring or killing others, or driving recklessly. You may face severe penalties.

Overall, using turn signals is always a better strategy when driving in lone star conditions.

https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/is-it-illegal-to-skip-using-your-blinker-in-texas/ Is it legal to skip using turn signals in Texas?

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