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In 2022, Biden said some money to Ukraine could support pensions

President Biden said some of the U.S. aid to Ukraine could go toward social assistance, such as pension assistance. The viral video clip is from 2022 of him.

President Joe Biden came suddenly On Monday, February 20, he traveled to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.the meeting came a few days ago One year after Russia’s invasion of UkraineRussian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the invasion on February 24, 2022.

During the visit, Biden announced an additional $500 million in US aid for military equipment and other aid, adding to the more than $50 billion already provided.

Recently, a 29-second video clip made headlines (e.g. here, here and here) Biden says some of the financial support from the U.S. could be used to support pensions for Ukrainians. Thing.

Some VERIFY viewers on facebook Ask us if Biden said he would put the US dollar into a Ukrainian pension account.


Did President Biden say US aid to Ukraine could support Ukraine’s pensions?

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Yes, President Biden said some of the US aid to Ukraine could go towards helping Ukraine’s pensions. he didn’t say that recently, as some posters claimHe said it in April 2022.

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April 28, 2022, President Joe Biden announced He signed a request to Congress for an additional $33 billion in funding for “critical security, economic and humanitarian assistance” to support Ukraine’s war against Russian forces.

The video clip that went viral recently is from that day. Biden said in the video:

“As you know, we will provide not only much-needed humanitarian aid, but also food, water, medicine, shelter and other aid to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian war, and from Ukraine to other countries. Provide assistance to those seeking refuge.

It also helps open schools and hospitals. Pensions and social assistance will be paid to the Ukrainian people, so they will get something. It also provides an important resource for addressing food shortages around the world. “


Biden said in an April 28 announcement that U.S. funding would “contribute to arms, money, ammunition and economic assistance” to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. In addition to commenting on helping Ukrainian citizens’ pensions, he said his additional $33 billion could:

  • An uninterrupted supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian fighter jets.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance, food, water, medicine, shelter and other relief items to displaced persons in Ukraine.
  • Provides assistance to people seeking refuge from Ukraine to other countries.
  • Support the opening of schools and hospitals.
  • It provides resources to address food shortages around the world and helps mitigate rising global food prices.
  • Use the Defense Production Act to expand domestic production and stockpiling of materials such as nickel and lithium needed to build everything from defense systems to automobiles.

For 2022, Congress has approved aid to Ukraine totaling $113 billion. four different fundraising packageaccording to Responsible Federal Budget Board (CRFB).

Of the spending, $46 billion of that was spent on non-defense sector needs, according to the CRFB.

  • $26.9 billion in economic assistance funds
  • $7.9 billion for international disaster assistance
  • $6.6 billion to help refugees
  • $1.5 billion in aid to Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia (or any country that may be affected by the war in Ukraine)
  • $3.1 billion for other non-defense needs.

Ukrainian money Consolidated Appropriations Act, became law in December 2022. It is also known as an omnibus appropriation bill that funds multiple agencies or areas of government.

The bill does not specify how Ukraine must use the funds received from the United States, nor does it have specific language on supplementing Ukraine’s pension funds.

The law says funds in Ukraine can be used to support “training”. Equipment; Critical Aid; Logistics Support, Consumables, and Services. salaries and scholarships; maintenance; and others, including Ukrainian military and national security forces and government agencies within Ukraine authorized by and under the authority of the Ukrainian government engaged in resisting Russian aggression against Ukraine. intelligence support to a unit or group of “

according to Congressional Research Service (CRS)foreign aid is defined very broadly and the current foreign aid system is Foreign Aid Act 1961Federal website Foreignassistance.gov Track US foreign aid to countries around the world, including Ukraine. It is not specified that the US aid to Ukraine was directed to Ukrainian pension funds, but the funds were “government and civil society”, “business and other services”, “basic health”, etc. said it was aimed at a broader category of


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https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/verify/world-verify/ukraine-verify/video-of-biden-saying-some-us-aid-could-support-ukrainian-pensions-is-from-april-2022/536-3822a2a5-9537-4cef-bf90-06e4b4472f91 In 2022, Biden said some money to Ukraine could support pensions

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