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Impress your summer guests with Burrow’s first pull-out sleeper sofa


there is a new sofa bed on the block. Burrow, a direct-to-consumer sales company furniture The company has just launched a new company shift sleeper sofa. The brand’s latest innovation allows you to pull out a queen size memory foam bed. The modern-looking furnishings are generously sized at 84 inches wide, providing plenty of space for guests to comfortably sit or lie down.

Are you ready for bed? This sleeper sofa unfolds in seconds via the integrated handles and the sofa arm cushions double as pillows and are simply covered with pillowcases. Impress your summer guests with this cool new sleeper sofa.Learn more about Burroughs shift sleeper sofa ahead.

barrow shift sleeper sofa


barrow shift sleeper sofa Perfect for an office or living space that doubles as a guest room. Modern furniture is made from stain-resistant fabrics, so you and your guests won’t have to worry about spills. The memory foam sleeping surface of the sleeper sofa is quilted, so it feels more like sleeping on a comfortable mattress than sleeping on a sofa.

Your new Burrow Sleeper Sofa ships FREE in 3 easy-to-move boxes with assembly tools.

Choose from 2 colors.

Burrow 84″ Shift Sleeper Sofa, $1,999

Which sofa sleeper design is right for your home?

Unlike sleeper sofas, which usually have hidden mattresses, sofa beds and futon Lay flat to form a bed. Some people use the terms interchangeably, so I’ve included just a few of them here. We have also included the dimensions so that you can find the right sofa bed for you, regardless of the size of your room.

Where is the best place to buy a sleeper sofa online?

A springy and lumpy sofa bed can disturb guests.Click here for recommended sofa beds dive, walmart, Amazon more. And what are the best sofa bed brands? From Serta to Joss & Main, we found options for brands our reviewers liked.

2023 Best Sleeper Sofas for Guests

Shop more of the best sofa beds to keep your guests comfortable in 2023. Pro Tip: If you want to increase the comfort level of your new sofa bed, you can add a memory foam mattress topper (note: Burrow sofas below already come with it).

AllModern 79.5″ Elsmere Sleeper Sofa Bed


all modern

how cool This ultra-modern sleeper sofaIt has a solid wood frame and a bolster pillow with genuine leather straps.

This comfortable sofa bed fits twin size XL sheets. Simply remove the back cushion to transform it into a bed. There are 4 colors of fabric.

AllModern 79.5″ Els Sleeper Sofa Bed, $1,220 (usually $1,440)

Burrow 85″ Arch Nomad Sofa

Nest futon.jpg


Burrow 4.5 Star Sofa The is a more affordable alternative to brand new sleeper sofas as it only comes with a memory foam mattress topper. The Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa is stain resistant and also comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, quilted blanket, pillows and an eye mask.

Want to customize the style of your sofa? Choose from 5 fabric colors, 6 leg finishes and 3 arm styles.

Barrow 85 Inch Arch Nomad Sleeper, $1,898

Denver 86″ Trundle Sleeper Sofa

denver trundle sleeper sofa


You can choose from 14 colors and 3 types of fabrics. Anthropologie Classic Trundle Sleeper Sofa.

It comes with 2 cushions and is made to order.

Denver 86″ Trundle Sleeper Sofa, from $2,698

Queer Eye Liam 79 Inch Futon

queer eye.jpg


Who said futons are only in dorm rooms? Queer Eye gray linen option Can be used as a regular sofa.

At 79 inches long and 33 inches deep, you can easily change your sitting, lounging or sleeping position.

Queer Eye Liam 79 inch futon, $425 (usually $480)

Serta Monroe 45.67 Inch Square Arm Sleeper

monroe square arm sleeper


4.8 star rated gray convertible sleeper sofa from mattress brand Serta It has a full-size pull-out bed and is suitable for smaller spaces. It features a button tufted design and a hardwood frame.

“What I love about it is that it’s super versatile,” explained the reviewer. “You can sit on it like a regular sofa and pull out the bottom to use it as a lounge, or you can pull it out to make a full bed.”

Serta Monroe 45.67″ Square Arm Sleeper, $820 (down from $1,230)

Morden Fort 91″ Velvet Reversible Sectional Sofa Bed

Morden Fort Velvet Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa


If you’re looking for a unit that turns into a bed, check it out. this velvet sofa bed Choose from gray or beige fabrics. As a nice bonus, lift the lounge cushion to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

“This storage compartment is very useful for blankets and pillows when staying at the company.” reviewer wrote. “Her husband and I lay comfortably [on the sofa] I once fell asleep while watching TV. ”

Morden Fort 91″ Velvet Reversible Sectional Sofa Bed, $760 after Coupon (Save from $879)

Velvet square arm 83.86 inch sofa bed

wayfair sofa bed green.jpg


4.4-star sofa bed It has a foldable design. Two cushions are included.

“It looks even more beautiful in person,” said one Wayfair reviewer with satisfaction about the green sleeper sofa. She’s “firm and comfortable (so it doesn’t dent).”

Velvet Square Arm Sofa Bed, $460 (down from $680)

Joss & Main Lourenco 77 inch upholstered sleeper sofa

Joss & Main Lourenco 77

Joss & Main

this sleeper sofa Joss & Main has 44 fabric options. The sofa is for two people. With the included queen mattress, it folds into a queen bed.

Joss & Main Lourenco 77-inch upholstered sleeper sofa, $1,100

Dog bed for people “Plufl”


Plufl via Amazon

Well, it’s not a sofa bed. It’s a bed for pets, but it’s for people. But like a sofa bed, you can snuggle up with your dog, snuggle up with your partner, or snuggle up alone on the Plufl.

This 5 star rated pet bed currently only has 5 customer reviews, but they are all worth reading. One of her Amazon customers nearly threw her stuff away mattress Support this pet bed. “It really doesn’t get any better than this!” they wrote. “Listen, I almost gave up my bed for this! My Plufl is comfortable when I’m out and about, my destination is… I’ve fallen asleep in the Plufl many times when the bed is right there.”

Another customer prefers using a dog bed to relax while playing virtual reality games. “I bought this because I wanted a better solution than a bed for relaxing in VR. ” they shared. “The perimeter bumper provides both a place to support your feet and head. It solves the problem that was addressed by pillows, but they move and can be difficult to find in VR. is comfortable and I fall asleep. Now I do VRChat sometimes. Very relaxing. ”

Apparently Plufl is so comfortable that shared by customers “It feels better and has more support than the Tempur Pedic bed,” he says.

Use Amazon Coupon To Save An Extra $25 Off This Shark Tank Human Pet Bed.

Plufl, $399 (down from $500)

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