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Idaho student stabbed to death in bed

Spokane, wash. – Four University of Idaho students found dead in their rental home on Sunday stabbed to death The county coroner told the cable news channel on Friday.

Lata County Coroner Kathy Mabatt also told NewsNation that each victim received multiple stab wounds with a “fairly large knife.”

“Somebody has to be pretty angry to stabb four people and kill them,” Mabbutt told NewsNation.

An attempt by the Associated Press to contact Mabatt by phone on Friday was forwarded to an Idaho State Police spokesperson, but the spokesperson did not immediately return the message.

Mabbutt’s comments extended to an autopsy report released Thursday.

A murder has rocked Moscow, the Panhandle town of 25,000 in Idaho that last witnessed a murder nearly five years ago. The leafy college town is about 80 miles (130 kilometers) south of Spokane, Washington.

board member Suspect not identified Or found a weapon, said Moscow police chief James Fry.

all four victims Was a fraternity and sorority member. Madison Morgen, 21, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Cary Gonsalves, 21, from Rathdrum, Idaho. Zana Carnoldle, 20, from Post Falls, Idaho. Freshman Ethan Chapin (20) from Mount Vernon, Washington. The woman was my roommate. The body was found around noon on Sunday.

Moscow police on Friday released a map showing a rough timeline of events leading up to the death and asked members of the public to provide any hints or clues.

Maps showed that Ethan and Xana attended a party held at the Sigma Chi Fraternity Hall between 8pm and 9pm on Saturday. Maps show the pair were back at their Xana rental home by 1:45 am on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Kaylee and Maddie went to Corner Club, a popular bar in downtown Moscow, from 10pm Saturday to 1:30am Sunday. Afterwards, they visited Hood his truck on Main Street and were back home by 1:45 am.

The map did not show how police learned that all four victims had returned home by 1:45 am.

Police said they believed the students were targeted based on evidence at the scene, but did not provide further details. Investigators say nothing appears to have been stolen from the victims or homes.

After initially saying there was no ongoing danger, police backtracked on Wednesday. “I wouldn’t say the community isn’t without threats,” Frye said. “We still think of it as a targeted attack.

Two others were found unharmed inside the sprawling house. Frye declined to say whether they were able to provide an explanation for the killing or identify who called 911.

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