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Hurricane Ian Tracker: Third landfall expected on Friday, September 30

Strong winds and heavy rain continue in northeastern Florida as South Carolina braces for impact.

South Carolina, USA — ian got stronger Again a category 1 hurricane.

Ian continues to bring tropical storm intensity along the eastern Florida coastline and heavy rains along Interstate 95 between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach.

The center of Ian is pushed out from the coastline.

With Ian’s center pushed off the coast, it gained strength. The latest forecast track has Ian staying in open water until the afternoon, giving him plenty of time to maintain his Category 1 status. Following his first landing in Cuba and his second landing in Florida, it will hold its strength until the next third landing along the South Carolina coastline Friday morning.

A weakening is expected over the weekend, but not before some impacts along the Carolina coastline.

Storm surges are possible in some eastern states. Storm surge peaks are likely to occur along the South Carolina coastline where landfall is expected.

Tropical storm and hurricane warnings remain in place from the North Carolina coast to the east coast of Florida.

In addition to waves and strong winds, heavy rain is still expected.

Three to five inches of precipitation is expected along the coast, with much more in northeastern Florida. The chance of rain decreases from east to west. It doesn’t get as much rain as Central Florida, but it’s still dangerous enough.


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