How to Take Your Love of Music to the Next Level

If you have talent and a genuine love for music, there are plenty of ways that you could make a living out of it. The music industry has positions for every type of music lover, whether you like the business part of it, mixing and engineering, or want to become an artist. Getting into the business is not easy, however, but it is possible when you know what it takes to fill certain roles and are ready to do the work needed. Let’stake a look at a few ways you could take your love of music or the next level.

Become an Independent Artist

The first thing you could do is become an indie artist. You could build a nice little career for yourself if you have genuine talent. The most important part is having good music, being consistent, and working hard on promoting yourself as an act.Another thing you’ll have to work on is your stage presence. The quality of your shows is what will allow you to build an audience, and performances are how you’ll get most of your money.This is why we would suggest that you start looking at a few rehearsal studios right away. This is where you’ll be able to work on your performance. You’ll also get the chance to jam with your band and work on new ideas.

If you’re in Houston, then you’re in one of the best places for rehearsal studios. You could book a rehearsal studio Houston like PIRATE and have everything you need to work on your music. They have everything from drums to state-of-the-art sound equipment that will give you a real live venue feel. You’ll be able to refine your act without having to rehearse from your garage and deal with noise complaints.

Become a Backup Singer

If you don’t think that you have the package it takes to become a successful solo artist, know that there are still plenty of opportunities open for you. One of them would be to become a backup singer.If you’re a classically trained singer, there are tons of jobs for backup singers. You could work on recordings or do live shows. Some backup singers even make a living doing commercial work. So, look at what’s available out there and see how you could position yourself to get gigs.

Start a Record Label

Another option would be to become a record label owner. Starting a label is pretty simple too. All you need is to set up an LLC and you’re all set. You should know that there is a lot more that comes with actually running a label, however.Record labels have to deal with lots of contracts, so if you aren’t a lawyer, you will need to learn contract law or have a lawyer on retainer. You will also need to build a marketing team, find an accountant, and learn the business of music in and out. Marketing skills are especially important when it comes to running a label, so we would suggest that you at least get a course in music marketing before getting started.

Become a Record Producer

Becoming a record producer is not as complicated as it seems and virtually anyone with an ear for music can become one. You even have producers that don’t know how to play a single instrument who still earn production credits. The job of a record producer is to create great musical compositions. Some producers like to be hands-on and create whole compositions themselves, but you could also bring musicians together, give them your idea of what you want the song to sound like, and let them do the work. You will have to come up with the structure for the songs and a basic melody, but if you have good musicians around you, they could add their input as well. Just be prepared for them to ask for part of the royalties.

If you want to become a “real” producer, then we would suggest that you at least learn how to play the keyboard. This is the most important instrument for a music producer, and it may be the only instrument you need to learn. There are also music production academies around the country that will teach you everything you need to know. Some of them include Full Sail University, 343 Labs, and BIMM.

Become a Talent Scout

Becoming a talent scout is a great career option for anyone who genuinely loves music and loves to discover new acts. If you always seem to be the first to catch onto new acts, then this could be a sign that you could make for a great scout. The best thing about being a talent scout is that you don’t necessarily need to have a special formation to become one. You could start making a name for yourself by starting a blog speaking about up-and-coming acts. You can then try to make connections with executives or A&Rs in the industry.

Being a talent scout is one of the most fun positions in the business. You’ll get to go to shows and festivals and look for the next big thing. You should know, however, that income is not guaranteed, so you might have to do something else to supplement your income.

Become a DJ

DJs have one of the best jobs in the business. They get to play records in front of small or large audiences and get paid. If you have impeccable taste in music and have a sense of rhythm, you could be very successful as a DJ. Many DJs are self-taught, but if you want to become a serious DJ, you should go to school for DJing and production. This will help you refine your skills and allow you to earn income and recognition through your production.

These are all ways that you could take your love of music to the next level. Take a closer look at what these positions require and take advantage of all the opportunities that are open to you.

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