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House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner Says Wagner Mutiny ‘Really Hurts Putin’

Washington — House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner said on Sunday: Armed Rebellion of the Wagner Mercenaries Opposition to the Russian military could make President Vladimir Putin look weak and affect world affairs. war in Ukraine.

An Ohio Republican told “Face the Nation” on Sunday, “This is a real blow to Putin, not only politically, for his leadership in Russia, for his presidency, but also for his efforts to continue the war in Ukraine.” said.

Regarding the conflict between the two, Mr. Turner said, Chief Wagner Evgeny Prigogine And given that Prigozhin has publicly criticized the Russian government and Putin for months, Putin’s appearance was “inevitable.”

“President Putin allowed this,” Turner said, while Prigozhin said “the very premise of Putin’s war was that NATO didn’t start it and that there were no Nazis in Ukraine.” criticized, he said.

Congressman Mike Turner, “Face the Nation,” June 25, 2023

CBS news

“Bringing a convoy to Moscow really raises the fundamental question of whether Putin controls the military. You have to,” Turner said. “This will be a problem that Putin will have to deal with both internationally and domestically. His government as an authoritarian government relies on claims of power and force to stay in power. are doing.”

Prigozhin last week accused Russian military leaders of foiling the Ukraine war and called for an armed rebellion to oust them, while also criticizing Putin. Wagner fighters appear to have seized the Russian military command in Rostov-on-Don, which oversees the fighting in Ukraine, and were marching towards Moscow, but a truce was announced between Putin and Prigozhin. and ordered to return to camp.

The ceasefire was signed after Putin called the rebellion “treason” and said those who led the rebellion “will face inevitable punishment.”

A Kremlin spokesman said the charges against Prigozhin were dropped and Wagner was transferred to Belarus.

“President Putin himself appeared on state television and responded to Prigozhin,” Turner said. “And Prigozhin said, ‘The government lied to you. This is not a war that NATO started. There are no Nazis in Ukraine.'” It becomes even harder to keep telling people, ‘We should keep sending people to death in this war.’ ”

Turner said Chinese President Xi Jinping “must be very concerned right now” after his remarks. Featured visit to Moscow in March as a show of solidarity against the US-led Western powers.

“Now he’s standing next to a man who can’t even control his own army,” Turner said. “Xi must look at his relationship with Putin and understand that Putin’s status in the world has declined. In a world where Russia has become a destabilized country, has no control over its military, and appears to be a powerful nuclear power, President Xi thinks, ”We need to worry about the stability of Russia itself. ”

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-wagner-putin-house-intelligence-mike-turner-face-the-nation/ House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner Says Wagner Mutiny ‘Really Hurts Putin’

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