Hi Vis Clothing – Everything you Need to Know

When working in construction, all staff require PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). For one thing,something like hi vis clothing like shirts help to appear more noticeable while they are working.

The bright clothing is essential to alert people to take care and that work is being carried out in the area. This safety feature is especially important when working on the road, in the dark, near traffic or where visibility is poor. Clothing choices include the hi vis vest, shirts and overalls.

In today’s article, we are going to explore everything you need to know about high visibility clothing and find out why it’s so important.

How Does Hi Vis Clothing Work?

As the name suggests, hi vis clothing needs to be visible. The workers need to be seen easily as a safety precaution.

Since hi vis clothing was designed it has improved safety standards immensely. There are fewer workplace injuries and more road safety, even for road users such as cyclists and runners.

The material comes in a range of bright colours. The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the fluorescent colours in the material. This produces a glowing effect. It also reacts to the headlamps from cars driving by. The darker it is, the more the material will glow.

Why is the Colour Important?

Hi vis clothing comes in a variety of different colours including, red, pink, orange, green and blue. However, most companies choose yellow or orange as these colours are the easiest to see. The colour you choose is important. Someone that is cutting down trees wouldn’t use a green vest because they would blend in with the surroundings.

Think about where the work will be carried out. Choose a colour that will stand out easily in this environment.

The Safety Benefits of Hi Vis Clothing

The clothing has far reaching effects. The general benefits of wearing hi vis clothing include:

So, who need this? Workers in the electrical, gas, railway, airline and sanitation industries, as well as first responders benefit from them.

What is it Made from?

Hi vis clothing is constructed from reflective materials. The two main materials used are micro-prismatic tape and glass bead reflective tape. These materials give the clothing its light-reflecting properties.

Hi Vis Clothing and Cycling

The most dangerous times to cycle on the road are at dusk and dawn, usually between 7am – 9am and, between 3pm – 8pm. Motorists are dealing with rush hour and diminished lighting conditions.Road users need their eyes to adjust to the changing lighting conditions. Cyclists and runners need to make themselves as visible as possible so that motorists can see them.

The Construction Site

PPE such as hi vis clothing is extremely important on the construction site. Using heavy machinery is incredibly dangerous. Often heavy materials need to be moved from one place to another and the lines of sight between workers could be obscured. Add limited space to the mix and you have a big problem if all the workers can’t be seen very easily.

Hi vis clothing helps workers identify eachother so they can keep out of each other’s way. Hi vis clothing on the job site has saved countless lives and prevented many accidents. The law requires hi vis clothing to be worn upon entering the construction site.

Its Role in Creating a Corporate Identity

Not only is hi vis clothing extremely important for the safety of workers, but it can also be used to create a corporate identity. The clothing allows key staff members to be identified on the worksite. Different colours can be used to identify different teams.

Final Thoughts

Hi vis clothing is immensely important for safety and identity. So, it’s no surprise safety vests are required by law. The bonus is they offer workers a vast number of benefits.

They come in a variety of colours and styles to suit just about any industry. It’s time you use them optimally too.


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